A new take on the #BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge- Meet Maeve Hale


I’ve never been one for legacy play. I usually create amazing sims and play with them for awhile then save then in my library to be looked at another day. I love the stories that come out of the Build Newcrest Challenge so I wanted to try my hand at it.  The goal of the challenge is to have each generation build Newcrest from the ground up. Different buildings are slowly added to the world until you have an entire world built. You can check out the rules here on Simply Vanilla Sims Blog. I’ll be playing a little differently than the rules say, mostly for the sake of the story.  I also decided to include some parts of the Amazon Challenge (Rules Here) to make the story more interesting. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Misunderstanding

Maeve Hale glared at her phone, hoping she’d read the address wrong. Where the plumb was she? When she’d agree’d to this mission, she’d assumed her mother would take care of her.

“This is a great opportunity,” She’d said. “You’ll have everything you’ll need.”  What a load of plumb! Maeve had never realized her stoic, no-nonsense mother had a sense of humor until now.


The area she’d found herself in was completely empty. The only signs of life,besides the abundant greenery, were the Sims absently wandering the sidewalks. Sims! By the Goddess Sims! Maeve hadn’t seen so many in one place since she was a girl. In Moonlight Falls, pure Sims were  rare creatures, almost as rare as the occasional  Unicorn. Why would her mother send her here?

Nothing made sense and Maeve was quickly regretting her choice to volunteer for this mission.

Unfortunately, because of her misplaced trust in her mother, Maeve only brought a few sets of clothes with her and nothing else. No simoleons, no food, not even her wand. (She’d lost it on the trip over.  She’d reflexively cursed a Sim who gotten too close on the bus and the driver confiscated it. How was she supposed to know that Sims have different ideas of personal space than her people?)


Well there wasn’t much she could do but try to make some money for a ticket home. Maeve glanced around and spotted a small log in the corner of the lot. At home, small creatures were prized for their many uses in potions, spells, and cooking. Maybe she could find something to sell?

Aha! Maeve gazed down at the frog in her hand and smiled.

“Hello, little one! This is not going at all how I expected.I’m sorry for disturbing you but I need your help.”

The frog blinked up at her, but said nothing in reply.

Maeve huffed, and stuffed the slimy creature into her pocket. “How rude!”

She found herself scouring the area for more frogs and anything else she thought she could sell. The faster she found things to sell, the less time she needed to spend in this plumbing place.

But, Maeve glanced down at her outfit, although comfortable, her ensemble wasn’t really conducive to scavenging. Quickly, she tucked everything away into a nearby bush for safe keeping, taking special care to hide her enchanted butterfly heels. (They were a gift from her aunt who liked to spell clothing for some strange reason.)

Ahh, much better. Maeve looked more like a Sim this way. She kept her necklace on, happy to have the beads comforting weight around her neck. It seemed to be the only connection she had to her mother and her sisters back in Moonlight Falls. Maeve shook her head, determined to keep the darker thoughts at bay. She would be home soon. There wasn’t anything to be sad about.

Gathering her courage, Maeve began her search for collectibles.
She quickly learned she was good at fishing in the small pond behind her lot, and  Maeve spent a lot of her time there. Occasionally, a Sim would come by and try to start a conversation but she would stay incredibly quiet, pretending not to hear them.
 09-07-16_8-36-01 PM.png
The fish were more interesting anyway.
09-07-16_8-39-28 PM.png
Maeve eventually found herself hungry enough to go near some Sims sitting in the picnic area near her lot. One smiled at her, and seemed to beckon her over. Or at least that’s what Maeve thought she was doing. Sim customs are strange.
 09-07-16_8-40-02 PM.png

The Sim continued to smile as Maeve sat down.  “Welcome to Newcrest! I’ve never seen you around before. I’m Andrea, who are you?” She tried to stick her hand out for Maeve to shake but Maeve flinched involuntarily.

Andrea didn’t seem fazed though, she pulled back her hand and waved it over the food in front of her. “There’s plenty here if you’re hungry,” she said. “I’m a vegetarian so my roommates have gotten sick of eating grilled fruit. I bring the extra portions here for sims to eat,  so go ahead and enjoy!”

Maeve didn’t know what to say. She’d never heard of Sims sharing food before. The Coven shared everything with each other, food, clothes, chores, land, everything was about the better of the collective. Sim society was about me, me, me, which made their ways seem even more foreign.

This sim would make a great Witch. Maeve mused.

09-07-16_8-39-55 PM.png

Her stomach growled incessantly and she settled down on the bench to eat.
This place didn’t seem so bad.

5 thoughts on “A new take on the #BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge- Meet Maeve Hale

  1. Oh! What an interesting start! 😀 I love that you’ve given her a Sims 3 backstory – having a witch without magic building up Newcrest just seems like a brilliant idea. I can’t wait to see how she settles in among so many strange sims 🙂

    Maeve huffed, and stuffed the slimy creature into her pocket. “How rude!” – that line cracked me up =p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘What a load of Plumb!’ is so going to be my new favourite thing to say 😁
    I love the way you write, so detailed and with a lot of personality and humor.
    Im liking this story already 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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