1.2 Tall Glass of Water


The two women talked while Maeve finished eating. Well, Andrea talked and Maeve listened and nodded, occasionally giving a vague answer about her history. But, the more Maeve spoke to Andrea the less revulsion she felt toward the dark haired Sim.

Maybe Sims are alright.

They didn’t seem like the egotistical monsters the coven made them out to be. On the contrary, Andrea seemed abnormally kind even by Witch standards. Unfortunately, Maeve couldn’t stay long because without her powers, she couldn’t conjure the things she needed.


Namely, a toilet.

Maeve waved goodbye to her new…acquaintance, and set off to find herself a non-magical toilet.


While searching through the Newcrest parks for a toilet Maeve could feel her mood plummeting.

What was the point of all this?

Her mission had originally been to find new witches to join the Moonlight Falls Coven, but Newcrest was full of Sims, not witches. On top of that, her mother had left her with nothing. No lodging, no food, not even a place to use the bathroom.

Good Goddess what was she going to do?

The toilet turned out to be in the farthest corner of the park and Maeve held her nose while she entered.


Her mood sufficiently soured, Maeve went back to collecting. She was still ages away from having enough simoleons for a bus ticket home.

If only she hadn’t lost her wand!

Then she’d at least be able to  contact her mother. Maeve was the only one in the Coven to master cell phones and computers. Her mother refused to touch the things.

As the head of the Coven, the only thing besides magic her mother had mastered was being stubborn.

She refused to learn any new technology and rarely welcomed new ideas.

Sometimes Maeve wondered how the Coven would survive without changing.


A flicker of movement caught Maeve’s eye and she turned to see a  beautiful female Sim coming down the path. Something in the way she moved sparked something in Maeve and she found herself moving toward her. Maeve wasn’t sure why she did it. Maybe it was the sparkle in her blue eyes or maybe it was the confidence in the woman’s walk that reminded Maeve of the women back at home, that made her call out.

“Goddess bless you, sister!”

The Sim stopped and her smile widened.

“Goddess guide you, sister.”
Her voice was soft and melodic and Maeve felt juiced with happiness.
A Witch! Another Witch!
Maeve could finish her mission! The dark cloud that had hung over her for the past few hours lifted as Maeve introduced herself to the unknown witch.
“Hello, Maeve.” The witch said calmly, “My name is Aqua Element of the Elemental Coven”
Maeve blinked, surprised. The Elementals were an old line. Just as old as her own. But she thought they’d gone into hiding? Why was such a powerful witch in a place like this?
Aqua chuckled, “Don’t look so shocked. My sisters and I are the youngest in our coven and the most curious about life among Sims. Newcrest was an obvious choice for us to start a new life.”
“But what about the Sims?” Maeve asked.
“What about them?” Aqua shrugged. “Sims are a lot like us. They just don’t have magic to ease their troubles or sisterhood to soothe their hearts.”
Maeve had never considered this idea before. Sims and Witches the same? The idea was too volatile to tackle now and Maeve decided to examine it another time. She brushed it aside and proceeded to tell Aqua of her mission in Newcrest.
 “And now, I have no place to live and no way to tell my mother what’s going on.” She finished her story, her body and face animated.
Aqua frowned, “I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure so much in such a short time.” She scratched her head, trying to think, “I wish I could help you but my sisters and I are in the same predicament.”
“What do you mean?”
Aqua looked sheepishly at the ground, “We came here with nothing as well, with grand ideas about how we would make a home for ourselves, but nothing has gone as we planned.”
Maeve didn’t know what to do. Right before her eyes her only drop of hope was evaporating away. If the Elemental sisters were stranded in Newcrest too, then they couldn’t help her either.
“Can I at least borrow a wand to call my mother? She must be worried sick.”  Maeve pleaded.
Aqua shook her head, “My coven doesn’t use wands,  Moonlight Falls is the last line to use them actually.”
Maeve felt the dark clouds returning.
“Oh! I know!” Aqua looked extremely pleased with herself. “You can’t send the message, but I can!”
Maeve was thoroughly confused, “What?”
“I’m a Water Witch.” She explained, ” So wherever water is, I can do some form of magic. Just tell me what you want to say to your mother and I can send her the message.”
“Really?” Maeve felt hope flicker in her chest. She just needed to send her mother something, anything, to let her know what was going on.
“Of course!”
Maeve excitedly told Aqua what to send and the other woman nodded. “I’ll send the message once I get back to my lot, I can make sure it’s crystal clear from there.”
 “Goddess bless you, sister!” Maeve called as Aqua walked away.
“Goddess guide you.” She answered over her shoulder.
Maeve knew she was going to end up sleeping on the old park bench that night, but she couldn’t muster up the energy to care. Nothing was perfect but she had a little bit of hope for the future and  hope had made her lighter than air.
I’ll get to go home soon.
Maeve fell asleep to the sound of crickets and the gentle bubbling of the river as it carried her worries down stream.

Maeve’s Message:
Dear Mother, 
I’m sorry to disturb you but everything on this mission has gone horribly wrong. I lost my wand, I have no place to stay, and I have no simoleons. Newcrest is full of pure Sims, not witches, and I’ve only just found another witch who already belongs to a coven. 
I would like to come home soon. Please send me word of how to accomplish this. 
Your daughter, 

*P.S. High Fives to everyone who knows what challenge Aqua is from! 😉  *

3 thoughts on “1.2 Tall Glass of Water

  1. More witches! 😀 Are they part of the Amazon challenge twist you mentioned?
    It’s so peaceful between them, I really like that. (Also both the women she’s met so far are stunning – as is she. Maybe I should move to Newcrest! =p)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the twist with another witch in Newcrest and am curious to see what other challenge she’s from. I’m curious to see if her mother responds. I expect it’s bad news.

    Liked by 1 person

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