1.3 Free Food and Freeloaders


Maeve woke up to the smell of veggie burgers. The Sim responsible looked like she wanted to destroy the burgers she was cooking but Maeve welcomed the easy food.

The bench had left indents in her arms and her neck felt sore from sleeping at a strange angle but Maeve still felt the whispers of previous nights happiness fluttering around in her heart.

Soon I’ll get to go home. 

If Aqua was to be believed (and Maeve had never known witches to lie to each other) her mother would have gotten her message by now. They were probably thinking of a way to send her some simoleons or even a bus ticket. She would be back to her coven by tomorrow and this place with it’s confusing Sims  would be a distant memory.

Who knew vegetables could taste so much like meat?

Unfortunately the Burger-Making Sim seemed a lot less friendly than Andrea. The woman glared at Maeve as she sat down to help herself to a burger.

Maeve wasn’t very concerned by the strange Sim’s mood and just ignored her as she enjoyed the food.


The Sim took her own serving but continued to shoot Maeve angry looks.

“You know it’s rude to take someone else’s food.” The Sim huffed, extremely put out by Maeve’s intrusion on her breakfast.

Maeve smiled. The Sims in Moonlight Falls  treated all witches with disdain. It was easier for Maeve to understand the anger of this Sim, rather than the abnormal generosity of Andrea.

“Where I come from the community takes care of each other. You seemed to have more than enough so I helped myself.” Maeve explained.


The Sim sneered, “That’s the problem with Newcrest, all you free loaders think you can just take from us hardworking Sims!”

“But, I’m not a…”

The Sim kept ranting, ignoring Maeve’s attempts to interrupt. “They’ve left this place undeveloped for years, thinking no one would notice how bad it’s gotten. But my family and I come here to fish and we see all you plumbs stealing food and sleeping on benches. It’s disgusting!”

In a huff the sim walked  off, leaving her burgers and a stunned Maeve behind.

“Don’t let Clara get to you.” A voice said over Maeve’s shoulder.


A good-looking male Sim sat down on the other side of the picnic table, a plate of grilled fruit in hand.

He smiled at her and Maeve became acutely aware of that fact that she’d slept outside that night and hadn’t showered in days. The sim didn’t seem to mind, though.

“She didn’t…I mean she didn’t get to me.” Maeve stuttered.

“That’s good.” He said in between bites of food.  “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t have to deal with something like that. Most day’s Clara’s pretty nice. Today’s a bad day.”

“Oh.” Maeve was surprised at how uncomfortable she was. She’d never spent much time around men of any race, let alone ones that looked at her the way he was.

09-07-16_8-59-49 PM.png

The sim seemed to notice her discomfort  because his face relaxed into an easy smile,  “The names Sergio, What’s yours?”


“Ah,  I like it. So Maeve, what brings you to Newcrest?”

Maeve tugged at her braid, ” Just passing through. I was supposed to leave yesterday but things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to.”

Sergio chuckled, “I know that feeling. Me and my roommate are trying to remodel but things have kind of hit a wall, so I came out here for the week to regroup. Newcrest is a nice place to think.” He speared a plantain with his fork, ” But Clara was right about one thing , they have forgotten about this place.”

“What do you mean?”

“It was supposed to be this big suburb project closer to Magnolia Promenade, they wanted someplace with more space for shopping and restaurants. But they can’t get anyone to take on the contract.” Sergio gestured to the empty lots around them, “Now it’s just a vacant area with good fishing and decent wild plants.”


Maeve mulled over Sergio’s words. Why would anyone leave this place undeveloped? Just being here for a day Maeve could see the potential. (Minus all the sims, of course. Although the ones she’d met so far weren’t so bad) There was so much space. Moonlight Falls had land but it was over run with different races vying for power. The witches, vampires, fairies, and wolves all fought for dominance over  patches of territory that were slowly becoming more and more crowded.

Maeve couldn’t understand not wanting to take advantage of such a precious resource. Unoccupied land meant space to grow, change, and invent. She would give anything to have such a luxury back home.

“So what are they going to do?” She asked.” Just leave it like this?”

Sergio shrugged,  “Seems that way. At least until some one volunteers to help build the place up. It’ll  take years though, like, generations. Sweet plumb I can’t imagine the amount of money too.”



While Maeve thought about the future of Newcrest, another Sim wandered up to their table and began talking to Sergio.

“Hey, Zayden! Have you met Maeve?” Sergio grinned at his friend.

Zayden nodded at Maeve and she barely noticed because she was so lost in thought. The men dove into an unknown topic, chatting amicably while Maeve watched on.

The feeling of discomfort she’d felt before was gone,  replaced by a feeling she couldn’t pin down.


“I think I’m gonna go.” Maeve inserted, over the men’s chatting.

Sergio’s face fell for a moment before settling into his relaxed smile, “Oh ok, well, I’ll see you around? ”

Maeve smirked, “Maybe.” she said before getting up and walking back to her fishing spot. 09-07-16_8-58-57-pmThe day had been full of interesting and surprising discoveries. The most surprising being that Maeve actually found herself  hoping to see Sergio again.


2 thoughts on “1.3 Free Food and Freeloaders

  1. Hi Clara, Hi Sergio! 😀
    I like the way you’ve brought up the development of the area, it gives her something to ponder whilst waiting for a return message (which, I can imagine, is not going to be ‘oh yes come home here is a bus fare’ =p). I’m glad she can see the potential in the area – it is a really stunning place.

    Liked by 1 person

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