1.4 Fire Opal


09-07-16_9-06-03-pmMaeve trekked back to her first stop in Newcrest, selling the things she’d collected at the shops she passed along the way. She kept a few of the plants that she thought would be helpful to have back in Moonlight Falls.

Hopefully they would grow alright.

But Maeve also kept a fire opal crystal and the rude frog she’d found on her first day. (See what happens when you’re rude mister. How you liking that cage?)

Her mother used to say she was a fire opal because she was a bright uncommon gem. (Super Corny right?) Maeve gazed into the facets of the crystal and reached for her mother. Oh, she missed her terribly. Despite, their differences, Maeve looked up to and relied on her mother. The stubborn witch could be a huge pain, but she was also steady, reliable and loving toward her daughter and her coven.

Send me a sign soon, Mother. 

Then, there was a flash of light and the fire opal began to hum, like the quiet but constant droning of an insect. It vibrated in Maeve’s hand and she had to try  not to runaway screaming and drop the plumb thing before she knew what was happening.

In front her eyes, an inscription carved itself into the side of the crystal. For  thirty minutes, it continued to hum and write until the crystal went quiet and stopped moving.

Maeve closed her  eyes, not wanting to know what her mother had sent. (Because of course her mother would contact her THIS way.)

Taking a deep breath Maeve began to read.

09-07-16_9-06-16-pm Hello my dear Maeve, 

I ‘m glad to hear you’re alive.

I’m wasn’t quiet sure how you would be received in Newcrest (you know how strange Sims are) but I’m glad to know you’re doing fine. I’m sorry to say, my dear, that I misled you when it came to the true purpose of your mission. There are hard truths I’ve been keeping from you for some time. 


The Moonlight Falls Coven is dying. 

There have been no new daughters of the coven since your birth and my sisters and I are getting old. We can no longer hold this territory and the vampires have started moving in from the east. 

I didn’t send you away so that you could find more witches . Quite the opposite actually. 


You are special, my fire opal.

More special than you ever knew growing up.

You think you need your wand to channel your power like the rest of us, but you have so much magic in you it seeps out  and inhabits whatever ( or whoever )is around. 

I’m sorry, this must be confusing,  but to make a long spell short, you can give Sims the gift of magic and make them witches. 


I never wanted you to have to use this power. It’s a burden I wish I could take from you, but it has always been yours to bare.  

Your true mission is to build a new coven in Newcrest at the address that was originally given to you. 

You will have to start with nothing in this new place, but I know you can survive. 

Building a coven won’t be easy but I advise you not to rush it. One outsider a generation should do. You want your bonds with each other to be strong.  The Hale line has always been run by women but…do what you wish. (You always do.) All your true born descendant should have your power to varying degrees so the line can continue once you are gone. 

09-07-16_9-19-01-pmBuild them a safe place, my dear, you always talked to me about change and I never wanted to listen but now…I just want you to be protected. I don’t know if we will see each other again but…I pray that the Goddess makes it so. 

You will do great things, my Maeve. Trust your instincts. A witch is more than just a wand. 

Goddess Bless You, My Fire Opal. 


Zelda, Former Head of the Hale Line. 



“Goddess guide you…Mother.”

2 thoughts on “1.4 Fire Opal

  1. I wish we had witches in Sims 4 but I look forward to seeing how you get around not having them. I expected her mother to have some sort of reason for her to be there but I like the twist of it being for her to start a legacy.

    Liked by 1 person

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