1.5 Maybe Friends


Weeks passed quickly in Newcrest.

Maeve was surprised at how time seemed to fly by when she spent all of it by herself. The Sims seemed to sense her needs because no one came near her lot.

Even Sergio was absent and Maeve vaguely recognized through the haze of her mother’s betrayal that she missed the flirty sim.

Maeve tried to push her feelings down deep into herself, and opted to focus on slowly earning money from her garden and collecting.

It didn’t make her happy, but it was enough to keep her from going plumbing insane.

The fire opal she’d found glinted in the sunlight on her lot, and Maeve did everything in her power to ignore it.

She hadn’t moved it since her’s mother’s message and she refused to go any where near it now. It could rot for all she cared.


Maeve’s single minded determination paid off because she was finally able to buy a bed and leave the park benches behind.

Her garden started to take shape and Maeve poured all her energy into taking care of her growing green babies.

She needed to distract herself. She needed to throw herself into her tasks because if she paused, if she took a breath, Maeve felt like she’d drown under the loneliness.


She was never meant to live alone and isolated.

Witches needed Covens and Maeve was forever separated from hers. Family covens were just that, family, and the ache in her chest made Maeve feel like her family had died.

09-07-16_9-41-08-pmWhy did she do this to me?

Maeve didn’t know how she’d ever recover from what her mother had done. She wasn’t sure what hurt more. The lie? Or the fact that her mother had given her no choice in the matter before tricking her into abandoning her home.

Plumb it!

09-07-16_9-34-59 PM.png

Not to mention the absurd idea that she could turn Sims into Witches. It was too outrageous an claim to take seriously.

Maeve’s mother was known for being serious and almost stone-like in demeanor  (and sometimes appearance.) so Maeve couldn’t imagine her mother going crazy; which was certainly what must have happened for her to suggest such nonsense things.

I’m just like every other Witch.

She couldn’t be special. What Zelda said couldn’t be true. And with that Maeve buried her mother’s legacy deep in her heart.


After many days of solitude, Maeve was desperate enough  (and hungry enough) to venture back into the Sim populated areas of Newcrest.

She was mildly pleased to see Sergio again, eating with a friend in the middle of the park. He was all smiles and waved her over to sit and eat with them.

“Hey Maeve! I didn’t think I’d see you again. You were MIA for so long I thought you’d gone home.” Sergio frowned, noticing her expression,”Why so sad?”


Should I tell him?

Maeve had never told a Sim her true identity. At home most already knew so saying anything wasn’t necessary, but here…

Sims seemed isolated from magic and all the things that had been everyday occurences in Moonlight Falls.

How would Sergio react to finding out she was a Witch?

Why did she care so much about  what he thought?

Maeve stammered an answer, acutely aware of the worried look on Sergio’s face.

“M-My plans changed. “She cracked a half smile, “Looks like I’m staying in Newcrest.”


Sergio look skeptical but he let her get away with the lie.

“That’s amazing  and gutsy.” He said finally, “I didn’t peg you as the ‘build it yourself’ kind of girl. I’m impressed.”

Maeve shrugged, “I need someplace to live.”

“Haha, true. Maybe you can build mine.” He joked.


Maeve blinked. “What do you mean?”

Sergio grinned sheepishly, “Sorry I forgot that everyone doesn’t know, yet. I moved here, too!”

Sergio’s friend, Jade, chimed in “You mean  no one knows.” She mock glared at Sergio before addressing Maeve, “For a tech genius, he can be pretty dumb sometimes.”

“You wound me!” He said, pretending to be shot in the heart, ” I’ll remember that next time you want me to update your phone. ”

A small smile played at the edges of Mauve’s lips as she listened to them banter. Her worries still weighed on her but the playfulness of her Sim…(friends?) made her feel a little better.

She hesitated to say “friends” but  Sergio’s easy smiles and  Jade’s openness made her feel like her animosity toward Sims was misplaced.

Maybe…they are my friends. 

The thought made her smile wider.

09-07-16_10-00-35-pmNights on her lot were becoming more bearable as time went on. She still slept under the stars but she finally bought a shower and a small cooler to keep the food Andrea gave her in cool place.

Without magic, apparently food tended to spoil a lot quicker.


Days were spent with Aqua fishing in the pond on her lot. The water witch was happy Maeve decided to stay in Newcrest and after Maeve’s time of isolation, Aqua  was a welcome light to her days.

Sergio wasn’t one to be left out and often showed up at her lot after work. He wasn’t the best fisher but became quick friends with Aqua.

He never seemed uncomfortable in a new situation and Aqua thought he was an interesting and upbeat Sim.

09-07-16_10-06-13-pm“And cute, too!” Aqua said with a wink while Sergio was distracted with an abnormally large goldfish.

Maeve wasn’t sure why thinking of Sergio in that way made her uncomfortable, but she couldn’t find the will to be excited about fishing anymore.

09-07-16_10-06-21-pmCompletely oblivious, Sergio smiled at them and failed miserably at  putting the bait on his fishing hook.

“I think I’m getting the hang of this!” He crowed and Aqua laughed  while helping him with his fishing line.

09-07-16_10-12-59-pmMaeve felt strange for the rest of the afternoon. Crawling into bed , she felt the tears coming down her face.

For the past few weeks she’d been building a small semblance of a life in Newcrest, but was she getting too comfortable?

Would she eventually end up settling down with a Sim? Like with a house and kids?

And what if  what her mother had said about the Hale Legacy was true?

Maeve went to sleep, the tears drying on her face, her mother’s words floating through her head.

3 thoughts on “1.5 Maybe Friends

  1. One step at a time, Maeve *hugs her*
    Hooray for finally getting a bed! 😀 Park benches are awful to sleep on.
    I’m glad that she’s making friends, even if she’s wary of the fact – and if/when she accepts she can make more witches, maybe she’ll settle down with one of her new coven instead! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awe, I feel so bad for her. She feels abandoned and her mother didn’t give her very much instruction as to how to actually create the witches. Of course, she’ll have to believe that she can before that will happen. Sergio seems interested. He was funny fishing.

    Liked by 1 person

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