1.6 Confessions of a Witch


Maeve spent much of the next day fishing on her own, her mother’s instructions playing on a loop, over and over again in her head.

Everything she thought she knew about her family and her coven had changed.

Maybe what her mother said was true, maybe she could turn Sims into Witches?


It wasn’t an easy thing to process and Maeve used the quiet of the day to sort through her thoughts and feelings.

And when she finally figured  everything out she went back home to take care of her plants.


Well…cry over her plants is more accurate. Despite Maeve’s acceptance of her new legacy. She still felt the loss of her old life like a punch to the gut.


How was she supposed to go about making a legacy in Newcrest? Her mother’s suggestions were all well and good but saying is different from doing.

In a land without any form of magic and Maeve essentially powerless, she didn’t have many options for creating a new haven for witches.


Crying wasn’t going to fix her problems (and was horrible for watering her plants). So Maeve resigned herself to applying all her energy into puzzling out the dilemma her mother left her.


Over a cup of  chicken flavored noodles ( Sergio called it  Ramen) Maeve tossed ideas around in her head for her new coven.

She was almost ashamed to admit how fun she found the activity. Since she’d left Moonlight Falls, Maeve had felt lost. Now, with a new task ahead of her, she was optimistic for the future.

Because Witches were just make believe to the Sims in  Newcrest Maeve thought it would be best to slowly integrate into the community. She could tell  trusted friends and see what happened.

She didn’t want her coven to be feared. She wanted It to be a pillar of the community, a beginning to better Witch-Sim relations.

Maeve wasn’t sure how long it would take but she could see the possibilities for her new town.


Maeve’s new found purpose gave her a confidence that she hadn’t had since she moved to Newcrest

To start her new life off right, however, she needed to be honest with the first Sim-friend she’d ever had.


Sergio can you look away I’m trying to pee.

Sergio responded to Maeve’s call fairly quickly.

Too quickly, in fact, she was still getting ready when he showed up to her lot.

“Morning!” He called over her makeshift bathroom wall, all cheer and smiles.

“How are you?” Maeve tried to be casual, even though she was still in her pajamas.


Sergio shrugged, “Can’t complain. I got a place nearby so I don’t have to sleep on the benches here like some of my friends. It’s not perfect but it’s a roof.”

Maeve remember her time bench hopping and nodded in sympathy. ” No one should have to live like that.” She wrung her hands, gathering her courage.” That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. Can you sit?”

09-07-16_10-20-36-pmThey sat back to back on Maeve’s inflatable mattress so she could collect herself.

Sergio chuckled,”Lay it on me beautiful, what’s this all about?”


Maeve hesitated, took a deep breath, and blurted. “I want to take over the building of Newcrest.”

There was a pause. “Woah. I knew you had guts Maeve, but this is crazy.”

“You think so?” She smiled, “I just see so much potential here, especially now that I’ve met more Sims and seen the great community this could become if people invested in it.”


“I’m glad you see how great this place is but Maeve… that’s a lot of responsibility for one person. And where are you going to get the money?”

Maeve shrugged, “I’m not sure. In the past few weeks I’ve been able to build what I have now  and I’m sure I can raise enough from my garden and fishing to contribute something by the end of my life. After that it will be the job of the next generation.”

“So like a legacy?”

“Yeah. And over the generations we’ll add new homes and community lots for all kinds of people. Not just Sims. ” Maeve felt the excitement over her legacy bubble  up inside of her. There were so many possibilities.

Sergio cocked his head, a little confused,”What other people? Like aliens? Cause that would be cool, there are a few aliens in Windenburg and they seem nice enough.”

Maeve blinked in surprise. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen an alien but she shook her head. “Yes  aliens too but…”

Sergio laughed, “Well what other types of people are there?”


Maeve looked at her friend and without a word stood up and used magic to change her clothes. It was a simple spell that didn’t require a wand so Maeve could do it with her eyes closed.

“Sergio, I’m a Witch.”


His expression was frozen in a look of surprise and it took a long second before Sergio spoke again.

“Umm… Maeve have you always been able to do that?”

She nodded.

“Cool so can you magic me up some Ramen? I’m really hungry.”


Maeve shook her head, “Is that all you have to say?”

“The way I see it. You’re just as much my friend now as you were a minute ago. Fancy powers don’t change that.” He smiled. “Besides having am awesome Witch as a friend means I can use magic by association.”


“Well I am pretty amazing. I was the best at potions in my coven in Moonlight Falls.” Maeve felt unusually giddy like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders.

Sergio accepted her. He wanted to still be friends even though she was a Witch.

Sergio chuckled,  “Don’t let all that praise go to your head, beautiful. I’m still waiting on my Ramen.”


Can magic give me long flowing locks?
If I wanted to? Yes. Do I want to? No.

“Thanks for being my friend, Sergio.”

“Anytime, beautiful.”




4 thoughts on “1.6 Confessions of a Witch

  1. I’m so glad he reacted so well! 😀 I loved the captions on the last few pictures – Sergio you would probably look ridiculous with long flowing locks, don’t tempt fate =p

    She’s got her purpose, she has someone who accepts her – things are going wonderfully!!

    Liked by 1 person

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