1.7 Restless Waters


“And that’s how I got the deed to Newcrest.” Maeve told the snapdragon. It had listened intently to her story and was happy to listen to her more as long as it was watered that day.


“It’s strange being in charge of an entire town.” Maeve mused. “I know this is what I wanted but It feels daunting to say the least. ”

After telling Sergio about her plans, Maeve marched to the county offices in Willow Creek where she humbly asked to sign her name as the contractor and mayor of Newcrest.

She was surprised at how few questions she was asked and that they wanted no money from her at all. All the Sims looked positively relieved to hand the responsibility of the neglected town over to her.

Maeve chose to ignore the strange Sims and thanked the Goddess that the process hadn’t been more difficult.


“I’m not sure what I’m going to build first.” Maeve confided in the plant. “Maybe a park? It would be nice for everyone to have a place to meet and get to know one another.”

The snapdragon stretched toward the sky in silent agreement.

“You’re right! I could use some of the plants I’ve been growing to decorate the park. ” She smiled at the foliage and nodded. “Of course you can be there. You gave me the idea.”


Maeve probably wouldn’t leave the Cowplant at the park though.

I want Sims to live at the park not die there. 

She’d been mildly surprised when the strange bovine fruit hooked onto her fishing rod. Maeve had heard stories of Cowplants before but she’d never seen one in person.

You look like a Vina, to me. 

It grew quickly. Extremely quickly and in a matter of days was bigger than Maeve, herself. She found it easy to bond with the plant and it became one of her closest friends.


Vina liked to play and was extremely friendly.


As long as Maeve remembered to feed her.

Be good Vina,  Aqua is coming over today.


After Vina’s daily  play session, Maeve welcomed a depressed Aqua to her humble lot.

“What’s wrong?” Aqua’s uncharacteristic melancholy worried her new friend.

“I don’t know what to do…” She sighed.


Maeve smiled.  “Why don’t we go fishing and you can tell me all about it?”

Aqua agreed and the two made their way over to the fishing spot where they first met.


The change of scenery and the water seemed to lift Aqua’s spirits and Maeve felt proud of herself for being able to help her friend.

“So tell me what’s going on.”

Aqua sighed,  “It’s my sisters.”

“What about them? Didn’t you guys finally get a place to stay?”

“Yeah, Nebula’s latest manuscript and Tera’s garden keep us paying the bills. The house isn’t big but we manage.”


Maeve examined her latest catch then placed it in her inventory for safe keeping.

“So what’s the problem?” she asked, picking up her rod for another go around.

“It’s just…each of us has a role to play in my coven. It’s what makes our mission possible. We all know our place, so we don’t get distracted or wonder where we should be, we already know.”

Maeve nodded, in understanding, she often missed her old coven for just that reason. Everyone did the work they enjoyed. No one was excluded or barred from their dreams and everyone had a place. The world of Sims was chaotic and disorganized forcing Maeve to be leader, gardener, carpenter, and cook all at once.  It could be overwhelming.


Aqua continued, “Sometimes, I don’t want to have my life laid out for me. I want to fish and paint and even date a Sim if I want. I want the choice to be mine.”


Maeve listened to Aqua’s concerns and could think of nothing to say.  She allowed the silence to lull her and and her friend into a trance of fish, river, and open air.


Finally as the sun began to set behind the surrounding hills, Maeve spoke up.

“No one should be able to  make life choices for you. Believe me, I learned the hard way that being forced into something can lead to resentment down the road.”


“So what do you suggest,” Aqua asked, “I can’t leave! I love my sisters too much.”

Maeve shook her head. “No don’t leave, just be you.”

The confused expression on Aqua’s face made Maeve smile and she decided to elaborate.


“You aren’t being forced into your role now, right?” When Aqua nodded she continued, “So do what you’ve been doing. Go fishing, garden, jog, party. All the things you want to do you can do. Nothing’s stopping you


But don’t exclude things just because you think you won’t enjoy them. Try  everything. Then see how you feel when it comes time for you and your sisters to start your mission.”



Aqua left immediately after Maeve’s speech, mumbling a soft, “Goddess guide you, sister.” as she walked away.

Maeve never asked about the specifics of the Element’s mission. It was considered rude by Witch standards and Aqua never volunteered the information. From the way Aqua was acting it seemed incredibly important.


Maeve sighed to herself and went back to her fishing, attempting to find her center once again. She hoped at least one thing she said could give her friend some peace of mind.

Bonus Pics:

Guess who seemed to be on a date during Aqua and Maeve’s fishing session.



I think Sergio, thinks he’s got game.

They were there the last part of the girls conversation. I wonder what Maeve thinks?


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  1. Seems like she’s come around! They practically threw that responsibility to her when she asked eh? I wonder what’s going on with Aqua. I still have no clue what challenge she’s from!

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