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A a ginger, brown and white spotted short-fur  tabby . Large ears and a small face give her an expressive look. Her smaller size encourages her to work twice as hard.

Current Clan:

Clanless Cat

Age: Approx. 12 moons (1 year)

Role: Warrior

Gender: Female

Personality: Honorable, Disciplined, and self-righteous

Fears: Death


Lifetime Goal-Respect

Short term Goal– Unknown

Mate: None

Kits: None






Mentor– Brightstripe

Apprentice– N/A


Mother– Leopardtail

Father– Redwaters


Dawnwind doesn’t remember much about her kithood or her life before her mother decided they needed to leave the barn. Dawnwind found the wilderness exciting and interesting and continues to test her strength and skills at hunting. Unfortunately she thinks the best way to do this is to go after dangerous prey. She is slowly learning the ways of clan life and what being a warrior means. She notices the dissent her mother’s fear of the barn causes and hopes that they never have to deal with her father and his misdeeds again.

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