Brightstar- BrightClan


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A golden and yellow striped short-fur  tabby . Light green eyes and deceptively strong for her size.



Current Clan:


Age: Approx. 49 Moons (4.08 years)

Role: Leader

Gender: Female



Kind, Dedicated, Close-minded

Brightstar is very willing to help others, she can be stubborn and will stick with the choices she’s made, and thinks she knows the way things ought to be done.


Independent, Hunter, Non-Destructive, Adventurous

Brightstar is a natural hunter and warrior, she can make decisions and choices without needing others to help her, she would also rather not jump into conflicts too quickly. Brightstar is always up for learning about the world she lives in. 

Fears: Weakness and Being Alone


Lifetime Goal– Acceptance and Belonging

Short term Goal– Friends and the growth of her clan 

Mate: Nightcoat

Kits: Finchkit, Sunkit, Beetlekit, Amberkit


Kit- Brightkit



Leader– Brightstar


Mentor– Unknown

Apprentice– N/A


Ambersong (Mother) 


Was a senior Warrior in her old clan before she was injured and taken by TwoLegs. She was adopted by humans and brought to a new land far from her old home. She escaped her two legs and is now living with a plant sim, named Ray, in a new territory. Time has passed and now Brightstar is leader of BrightClan. With Earthstorm as her deputy she has little to worry about when it comes to the safety of the clan but she still finds a way to talk her mate, Nightcoat’s, ear off about all the things she needs to take care of each day. She adores her four kits and thanks the stars they are all healthy and well. Her clan is growing and she’s apprehensive and excited to see how it continues to change. 


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