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f_smokeheart_by_croozie-dd31rzwA small dusty beige she-cat with brown on her legs, ears, tail and face. One green eye and one yellow eye, with small ears and a thin tail.



Current Clan:

Clanless Cat

Age: Approx. 47 Moons (3.91 years)

Role: Medicine Cat

Gender: Female

Personality: Loyal, intelligent, and manipulative

Fears: Losing Loved Ones


Lifetime Goal– Power

Short term Goal– To keep her “clan” healthy and safe

Mate: None

Kits: None


Kit- N/A


Medicine Cat-Smokeheart


Mentor– Brightstripe

Apprentice– None




Smokeheart met Brightstripe while playing around in the forests on the boundary of the twoleg place. They became friends. When the twoleg at the barn began taking cats away, Smokeheart convinced, Nightcoat, Dawnwind, and Leopardtail to join her in finding the territory Brightstripe talked about. She was mildly surprised when being a wild cat didn’t come easily to her. Smokeheart lost some of her confidence due to her lack of hunting skill but Brightstripe told her about the role of the medicine cat and how crucial it is to the survival of the clan. She’d just  begun exploring the properties of the plants in their territory when Nightcoat became sick, forcing Smokeheart to use skills she hadn’t fully developed yet. After she’s spent time taking care of Nightcoat. Smokeheart falls asleep and wakes up to a strange world with a strange new cat who tells her about another clan in the area.

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