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f_leopardtail_by_croozie-dd31rzlA medium sized tan and brown spotted she-cat with white patches on her legs and muzzle. Bright yellow eyes. Older but a fast learner.



Current Clan:

Clanless Cat

Age: Approx. 61 Moons (5.08 years)

Role: Warrior

Gender: Female

Personality: Kind, loyal, jealous.

Fears: Losing Loved Ones


Lifetime Goal– Respect

Short term Goal– To keep her daughter safe and free

Mate: Redwaters- Location Unknown

Kits: Dawnwind


Kit- N/A




Mentor– Brightstripe

Apprentice– None




Leopardtail fled the two leg place with her only kit because of the Two legs capturing cats. She never expected to enjoy being a wild cat but the open air and fresh prey remind her of when she was a kit living in an abandoned house past the forests. Her main priority is Dawnwind and she’s happy her daughter has adjusted to wild cat life. She doesn’t completely trust Brightstripe yet, but that could also be from the fact that she dislikes how Dawnwind looks up to the younger she-cat. Recently, Nightcoat informed her of the coming dangers from the two leg place. On top of that she found out that Smokeheart and Brightstripe were keeping the secret about the existence of another clan. She’s currently anxious and lonely because she feels she’s being distanced from her friends and from her daughter.

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