Medical Items List


Welcome to the Medical Items List!

This is a work in progress as we discover new plants and critters to use as medical items! Let me know what you think of our current list and how we can apply some more items from the Sims 3. 


Basil-encourages the body to heal
Bumbleleaf– helps break fevers
Buzzberry– increases energy
Chamomile– used to increase social interaction and calm anxious cats
Cinnamon– helps increase blood flow,
Ghost Chili Pepper– helps break fever or help a cat warm up on the inside
Ginseng-increases energy, increases circulation, when c
Greenleaf– helps with greencough and whitecough
Lavender– promotes calm, can help induce sleep, and speedy recovery from many illnesses. can help with coughs
Lemon: helps with infections
Licorice– helps relieve hunger pains
Mandrake– used to induce vomiting
Peppermint– increase circulation, if eaten neutralizes some poisons, helps cancel out the taste of other items
Red Valerian– allays pain and promotes sleep
Sweetgrass– helps with nausea and infections
Wolfsbane– used for infected wounds from fights with other animals, dogs, wolves, raccoons etc.
Wonderpetal– encourages the body to heal, can bring a cat back from the brink of death 90% effective
Plasma fruit–  Restore blood after a major wound, cuts heal time by half
Pumpkin– leaves used to carry items long distances, pulp can be made into a poultice to soften cracked pads
Onion– used to stop inflammation
Watermelon – seeds used for toothache
Lime  – eases infections,
Bell Pepper – seeds can be used to induce vomiting, leaves can be used as a traveling herb
Garlic– used to get rid of fleas, also good with rat infections

Crystal Plants:

Crystal Flower (Emotional Charge:
Kindness)  relieve pain
Crystal Flower (Emotional Charge: Laughter)  prevent infections
Crystal Flower (Emotional Charge: Love)   increase likelihood of kit survival by 20%
 Crystal Flower (Emotional Charge: Rage)  promotes the healing of bones and sprains
Crystal Flower (Emotional Charge: Neutral) – encourages healing


White Caps:  Minor cure for poison, only 10% effective, many have to be eaten to be significant
Porcinis: Food substitute, used for cats with hunger or bellyache, 25% effective
Red Toadstools– poisonous if eaten but can be used as a poultice to stop bleeding
Truffles– food substitute
Mycenas– stops vomiting
Spotlight Mushrooms –  Used to light caves and dens
Glow Orbs– Used to treat injured or poor eye sight


Red Berry Bean-helps with infections when made into a poultice
Cortado Bean – soothes bellyache
Kona Bean –  good travel herb, increases energy and strength
Maui Bean – curbs hunger and bellyache
Midnight Bean – increase social, good for anxious cats



Cockroach– minor meal source

Ladybug– no major uses, can be given to kits as gifts
 Japanese Beetle: minor meal source, no foreseeable uses
 Water Beetle:  minor meal source, no foreseeable uses

 Light Beetle:  Decrease the chance of infection of a wound and increase the likely hood of kit survival by 10% before birth
 Rhinoceros Beetle: minor meal source, known to increase a cats strength

 Stag Beetle: minor meal source
 Spotted Beetle: Encourage healing in the body for cuts and large wounds, 60% effective
Trilobite Beetle: encourage healing for broken bones 50% effective
Rainbow Beetle: Brings a cat back from the brink of death, 90% effective
Red Assassin Bug:   poisonous when eaten but when prepared properly can be used to cure almost any poison, 80% effective
Scarab Beetle: Brings a cat back from the brink of death 40% effective
Cerambyx Beetle: effective in soothing coughs  60% effective
Termite: in large numbers can be used as a minor food source
Spider: helps staunch bleeding.
Plasma Bug:   Restore blood after a major wound, cuts healing time by 25%
Pill Bug: Minor meal sources
Honeypot Ant : secondary source of nectar/honey, used to relieve sore throat


Alley Catfish– meal source, leads to a minor increase in strength.
Jellyfish – used to treat poisons, 50%effective
Tragic Clownfish – used to alleviate depressed or anti social feelings in a cat, 60%effective

Black Goldfish –  not a medical items has more personal significance to cats that live near water, used as an item to give a potential mate.
Angelfish – increases the likelihood of kit survival  by 20% when eaten before birth. Also increases milk production
Vampire Fish – Restore blood after a major wound, cuts healing time in half
Robot Fish–  promotes bone health when eaten, good for elders with joint aches and cats with sprains
Deathfish: 90% chance of death if ingested, a bad omen of things to come if found in the prey pile
Mummy Fish– promotes healing from major wounds  40% effective
Sea Sludge –  used to ease bites from insects and flees/ticks
Dragon Fish– used to promote internal warmth
All kinds- Starfish– used as splints when dried, to help heal broken bones
Luminous Salamander–  bring a cat back from the brink of death and promote healing, 60% effective
Fairy Damsel – increases the likelihood of kit survival  by 50% when eaten before birth. Also increases milk production

Rainbow Snail– a 90% chance of bringing a cat back from the brink of death
Seahorse–  increases the likelihood of kit survival by 70%

Three Eyed Fish–  used to treat poor eye sight
Kissing gourami –  used to ease pain

Minor Pets:

 All Rodents– can be used to cure ticks or fleas
All Brightly colored  Snakes–  considered poisonous


Regular Items:

Honey: helps with infection or to soothe sore throats.
Maple leaves: Used to Carry ingredients and poultices
Shed skin– used to wrap wounds
Chip bags– used to carry water
Feather– nice decoration, can be given as a gift

Rocks and Gems:

Blue Topaz – relieves pain
Smoky Quartz –  good for anxious or depressed cats
Emerald – anxiety, used to calm queens,
Ruby – used for strength and energy , good before traveling
Yellow Sapphire– brings happiness
Tanzanite – sore throat and colds
 Diamond– increased healing from major wounds
Luminorious Gem -?
Rainbow Gem–  bring a cat back from the brink of death 90% effective
Pink Diamond -?
Amethyst – good for mental illnesses,  banishes nightmares

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  1. “All brightly snake is poisonous”,no it venomous,you don’t have to fix this gammar but just saying xD


  2. Your style is very unique in comparison to other folks I have read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess
    I’ll just bookmark this page.

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