Four Immortal Siblings Challenge!

Hey Lovelies!

So the Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack came out on January 24th 2016 and I was so excited I decided to put a spin on a classic challenge so that I could experience everything this pack had to offer. The original challenge is call the Four Immortal Sisters Challenge and here’s a link to the Sims 4 version!  The overall idea was to help four sisters live forever and populate the town with their children. (Sounds devious, right?)vampire

With the inclusion of Vampires I thought this challenge could use some updating!

So I Re-Vamped it (Pun intended 😉 ) to include the most recent packs and updates  while still keeping with the original challenge basic rules.

***Special Shout out to Vihisha Tak’Nai, the creator of the Drifter Challenge, for helping me work out the kinks of this challenge! You Rock Love! Go check her out on twitter  here!***


Disclaimer- I am not the original creator of the 4 Immortal Sisters Challenge

Claimer- I  am the creator of this version of this challenge so…paws off.



Deep in the forests past the hustle and bustle of San Myshuno and the quiet suburbia of Willow Creek stands Forgotten Hollow, the last bastion of vampire kind. Aside from the occasional meal, the immortal inhabitants of forgotten hollow had detached themselves from Sim society, and their numbers dwindled severely across the Sim World as less new vampires were turned and less were born into the world.  The Vampiric Council declared a state of emergency and solicited the help of four young siblings to go out into the world beyond forgotten hollow and spread Vampire culture.

These four were extremely gifted, drawing from the natural world to strengthen their Vampire powers. Each agreed to play their part in ushering in a new age of Vampires.


Goal: Populate the town of Newcrest with the children of the 4 siblings, turned and born.

Create-A- Sim:

Begin by creating a new game and creating your four vampire siblings based off of the four elements of nature. Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Because of the new updates to the game regarding gender and pregnancy, your sims can be any gender you want.


Roles: *Each sibling has a role in this vampire family, so you may want to keep that in mind when you’re designing them*

The Role of Fire: “Fire is warmth and passion, use your gift to bring new life into the world!”

Pyra Element- The Fire Sibling in my challenge!

The fire sibling is the sibling who gives birth to and turns all the vampires in the challenge. They are free to go anywhere and interact with anyone. Their job is to find a Sim or Vampire or Alien etc. to have a child with.  They are not allowed to marry and the lovers are not allowed to move in. They may bring one man or woman home each night, and may try for baby once every 24 hours. Additional woohoo that is not trying for a baby (same and opposite sex) may occur as often as desired.

Each time they  meet a sim (for the intention  of having a baby)  a random roll will say whether or not they will attempt to turn them into a vampire after they reach Minor Vampire Status.  As the sibling gains vampire skill the percentage chance that they will attempt to change someone increases.  

Minor Vampire- 12% chance of turning someone

Prime Vampire- 25% chance of turning someone

Master Vampire- 37% chance of turning someone

Grand Master Vampire 50% chance of turning someone

*I use a lot of random generators in this challenge. This system is basically a random choice of 1-100 using If  the number falls into one of the categories then that’s the choice you go with. *


For the Turned– because the Fire Sibling is their Sire the turned Sim will require guidance to understand Vampire ways. The Fire Sibling’s lovers will become a lot like children raised in the home where each sibling will provide for their needs, (learning, food, and exercise). After the child sired by the Lover is born and grows into a toddler the lover can no longer reside in the home. By this time they should have a good grasp  of Vampire culture and should need no extra help. (Be a Minor Vampire)

The Fire Sibling will never eat plasma fruit and will always need plasma directly from a Sim.

The skills they are allowed to use and develop are any social skills (Charisma, Comedy, Mischief etc), dancing, singing, vampire lore, and mixology.

Their first powers must be Detect Personality and occult student  and their first weakness must be withered stomach. All future powers are up to the player but it is encouraged to go with powers that match the user’s element and personality.

The Role of Water: “ Water is  cool and nurturing, use your gift to provide for new lives!”

Calder Element- The Water Sibling of my challenge!

The Water Sibling’s role is to care for the children and fledgling vampires in their family. They cook and clean and take care of all the basic needs in the house.  They are not restricted to the house unless there is a family member below child age.

They can survive on plasma fruit, plasma packs or fresh plasma.

The skills they are allowed to use and develop are Cooking skills, mixology, herbalism,  and vampire lore.

Their first powers must be Cast Hallucination and occult student  and their first weakness must be either withered stomach or guilty drinker. All future powers are up to the player but it is encouraged to go with powers that match the user’s element and personality.

The Role of Air: “Air is within and around us all, use your gift to teach new lives!”

Zephyr Element- The Air Sibling of my challenge!

The Air Sibling’s role is to be the keeper of knowledge, they are to teach the children and fledglings of the family about vampire lore and about the world beyond their home. When children are at the toddler stage, they are expected to help them learn how to walk and talk and master toddler skills. At Child age the sibling is expected to help children with their homework and provide outlets for them to practice their skills. At teenage age, when vampire powers emerge, the sibling must help the teenager with their homework and teach them how to use their powers wisely. They may NOT spar with the children. They also provide knowledge to the fledgeling vampires the Fire Sibling happens to turn. They may NOT spar with the fledgelings. They are not restricted to the lot  and may leave to go to specific places only, (festivals, concerts, art gallerys, museums, library).

They can survive on plasma fruit and plasma packs, but prefer not to drink fresh plasma.

The skills they are allowed to use and develop are Logic, Writing, Instrument skills (Guitar, Violin, piano, organ etc), Painting,Rocket Science, Vampire Lore, photography, video gaming, programming.

Their first powers must be bat form  and occult student  and their first weakness must be either uncontrollable hissing or guilty drinker. All future powers are up to the player but it is encouraged to go with powers that match the user’s element and personality.

The Role of Earth: “Earth is sturdy and strong, use your gift to protect new lives!”

Terra Element- The Earth Sibling of my challenge!

The Earth Sibling’s role is to take care of the plasma fruit tree and to teach the children about exercise and fighting. The vampire world is a dangerous place and the children need to learn how to defend themselves. The earth sibling provides training on fitness and Vampire sparring once the children are old enough. They are also in charge of the garden and providing food for the Water sibling  to cook. They also go out into the world to gather fish and frogs to be made into plasma packs for the family. All repairs are done by the Earth Sibling as well.

They are not restricted to the lot.

They prefer only plasma fruit and plasma packs. They never want to drink fresh plasma.

The skills they can use and develop  are Handiness, gardening, fishing, fitness, wellness, and vampire lore.

Their first powers must be eternally welcome  and occult student  and their first weakness must be guilty drinker. All future powers are up to the player but it is encouraged to go with powers that match the user’s element and personality.


*NO Sibling is allowed to perform the task of another. For example, Water sibling can’t teach sparring or help with homework*

*Sibling’s can have jobs as long as they don’t conflict with their assigned tasks. For example, Air would be a good writer and Fire would do well in the social media career.*



The traits below are required for each specific sibling.

Fire– Hates Children, (All other traits are optional)
Aspiration must be Love (Serial Romantic) or Popularity (Friend of the World) or Vampiric (Vampire Family)

Water – Neat (All other traits are optional)
Aspiration must be Food (Master Chef) or Vampiric (Good Vampire)

Air – Genius (All other traits are optional)
Aspiration must be Creativity (Bestselling Author) or Knowledge (Nerd Brain, Renaissance Sim) or  Vampiric (Master Vampire)

Earth – Active( All other traits are optional)-Aspiration must be Athletic (Bodybuilder) or Nature (Angling Ace or Freelance Botanist) or Vampiric (Good Vampire)


Once the family has been created move them into a pre-made house or empty lot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Above is the house I’m using for my challenge! You can see how I built it on my channel!*

Utilizing lot traits is encouraged, but be mindful of how the traits will impact game play.You can decorate the house as you like. Cheats are allowed for the initial building and buying of items but keep in mind the siblings will have to make enough money to afford the bills on the house.

Each sibling should have their own area.  This can be separate rooms, floors, or even buildings, but they should be decorated with each sibling specifications. At the end of building you need to have $1000 for gameplay.

Required Items: *Anything outside of these  items that are not purely decorative are considered luxuries and must be bought with earned simoleons*

Fire- Double Bed (and/or coffin), fireplace, mirror, bar, music player,  bathroom (sink, toilet, bath OR shower *anything more would be luxury*)

Water- Bed (double or single and/or coffin), kitchen ( stove, fridge, sink, counters) an eating area, (table and chairs),  kids bedrooms (beds  or cribs *start with two rooms and any more rooms have to be bought with earned simoleons*)  bathroom (sink, toilet, bath OR shower *anything more would be luxury*)

Air- study (computer desk, computer chair, computer, bookshelves), bed (double or single and/or coffin),  bathroom (sink, toilet, bath OR shower *anything more would be luxury*), kids learning room,  (toddler toys, kids toys, learning objects, desk and chairs for homework), 1 skill item (easel, instrument etc.)

Earth-  bed (double or single and/or coffin),bathroom (sink, toilet, bath OR shower *anything more would be luxury*), gardening objects (planter boxes/bowl or access to open ground), yoga mat, exercise equipment, (treadmill, punching bag OR total gym *not all of them, just one, all other need to come from earned simoleons*), training area (open area for vampire sparing and power practice)


Each child’s traits should be randomized using a Sims 4 trait and aspiration randomizer.

For children to be considered functioning members of the Vampiric community before they leave the family home they must reach certain levels in their skills.

Toddler- all skills at least to level 3- Happy Toddler Achievement

Child- An “A” student with a fulfilled Aspiration

Teenager- An “A” Student with at least 3 skills at 3 or higher

Young Adult- Must have reached Minor Vampire Status before moving out.

*Full Sim Young Adults can move out after they age up and get a job*

Even with the new lot traits that come with the Vampire Game Pack there’s still a chance that the Fire Sibling will have a full Sim child.  When this happens, the child should grow up like all the other children in the household but once they reach teen years they must choose which path to go down.

Forcibly Turned by Parent- 10% Chance

Chooses to Stay a Sim – 45% Chance

Chooses to Become a Vampire- 45%Chance

Things that could impact decision-

Good relationship with siblings and Aunts/Uncles  +20% Chance to Become A Vampire

Bad Relationship with siblings and/or Aunts/Uncles -20% Chance to Become A Vampire

Moving Out:

After the children age up and reach young adulthood, they should be given a job that matches their personality and placed in a starter home with the basic necessities for a growing vampire  (or Sim).  Visiting children is encouraged. Multiple children can be placed in one home they just need to have the proper accommodations made available.

Here’s the Hard Part…

If you want to make the game more interesting you can use our weekly events!
Use  and set it for 1-10. *Once the first child reaches toddler age set it for 1-12*

After the first week of play, Every Sunday you do a roll for an event that will set the tone for the game for that week. (For all the events where something is “destroyed” make sure you use the *money* cheat to go back to the original amount you had.)
1.       “How are you doing? Are you getting enough to eat? Don’t forget to floss your fangs!”
Love, Momma and Daddy

-Mom and Dad miss their little fledglings. They sent 500 simoleons for each of you. Use it wisely.
2.       “The Vampire Community Appreciates Your Sacrifice.”
·         The Vampire Counsel are feeling generous, buy one item that costs  from 300 to 700 simoleons
3.       “Fire, Earth, Water, Air! Guardians Unite!”
·         The siblings are really feeling in touch with their elements.  Increase one  core skill for each sibling by one.
4.       “And then one day the Darkness Came for Us…”
·         A dark aura engulfs the house…and it feels AWESOME ! Make all Vampires on the lot Happy.
5.       “No really we appreciate it.”
·         The Vampire Counsel are feeling REALLY generous, buy one item that costs  from 1000 to 1500 simoleons
6.       “Hey! Does anyone know what happened to my stuff?”
·         Distracted by their duties the siblings don’t realize they’ve been robbed! Every sibling loses a  required item.
7.       “I hate nature…”
·         A blight destroys the crop of  plasma fruit the siblings have saved.   Destroy all the plasma fruit plants and keep only enough of the harvested fruit for each member of the family to have one. *if you don’t have any fruit yet then just destroy the plants* (This does not  include recently turned Lovers). Time to start all over….
8.       “This is a stick up!”
·         Actually it’s just the Vampire Council Fee Collector, come to take all of our hard earned simoleons.  Divide your current savings by four and give one part to the collector. Bye Bye Money!
9.       “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”
·         No, because there’s so much smog in the air! Thanks to all this modern living the siblings are feeling really out of touch with their elements.  Subtract 1 skill point from  one of the sibling’s  core skills.
10.   “Here Froggy Froggy Froggy…”
·         Looks like all the frogs and fish collected for Plasma packs have escaped! (Don’t ask me how fish escape) Sell all the ones collected and subtract the earned money so you’re back to where you started, minus the critters.
11.   “Look at our little Grandbabies!”
·         Mom and Dad just came over to see the kids and showered them with love and affection. Grandparents are great! Make all the kids happy.
12.    “I don’t wanna grow up!”
·         The kids are feeling the pressure from all of this parental expectation. Why do they have to work so hard? The kids slack off and each lose a skill point from one skill.

Ultimate Goal:

Fill the Sims world with Vampires.

Optional generational aspect:

If never ending gameplay isn’t your thing then once the all the Sibling’s aspirations have been fulfilled then they can move back in four of the children, whom they can teach to be their successors. After the children reach level 6 of the associated skill for each sibling, the original siblings can retire and the mission can continue.

Thank you guys so much for wanting to tryout this challenge! I’m super excited about it.

If you want to check out  my version of it you can  go to

And watch my play-through that will come out on February 1st 2017!

*I will update the challenge as I work out the kinks so be sure to follow me for any updates.*


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  1. This is a well thought out and detailed challenge. It was neat learning more about it after watching the build videos and trailer on your YouTube. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for the siblings!

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  2. Hey, Teacupsimmer! I’m new to your channel and I actually really like your site! You have a really creative approach to Sims challenges and I really like that. Can’t wait to see more!
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