Family Dinner!

Hey lovelies!

Part 2 of the Four Immortal Siblings Challenge is now on Youtube!

Come join us as we explore the new Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack in this new challenge, the Four Immortal Siblings Challenge. The Element Siblings are tasked with spreading Vampire culture outside of Forgotten Hollow. These four were extremely gifted, drawing from the natural world to strengthen their Vampire powers. Each agreed to play their part in ushering in a new age of Vampires. Will they finish their mission or will the demands of the outside world prove to be too much for the siblings?

Element Mansion House Build Part 1:
Element Mansion House Build Part 2:

Trailer Music: JPB – Defeat The Night (ft. Ashley Apollodor)

Specials thanks to Vihisha Tak’Nai for all the help! Here is a link to her channel!

If you have any thoughts about the challenge let me know in the comments below!



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