Chapter 1.1 The Four Horsemen! 

For the love of Watcher what did I get myself into?

I didn’t really know what I’d expected. The Realtor said it was a  “bare bones place” at a “rock bottom” price for four young adults looking to cohabitate with very little money to put down on the deposit.  We all stared at our new red dirt covered lot in the middle of Oasis Springs with a mixture of bafflement, and disgust.

Josh lifted his phone up and groaned, “Who’s idea was it to move somewhere with absolutely no internet?” He could never separate himself from his phone, regardless of the situation.

“It’s not that bad.” Richard said  as he examined the  large expanse  of land he’d spent all our money on.

“Think of the possibilities! We’re free now! No parents, no country clubs, no expectations.”

09-09-17_9-19-03 PM

I snickered and stage whispered to Josh, “No indoor plumbing.”

Josh chuckled and Richard shot us a glare before stalking further into the lot.  Laurent followed him, posing suggestions for other lots for us to look at before it got too late.

” The other offer is still on the table. All I have to do is make a few calls.” Laurent pushed.

He was completely taken with a few lots in Forgotten Hollow. None of us were keen on them. Probably because most of those lots had been uninhabited   since only  Watcher knows when.  We didn’t really have the heart to tell Laurent, though. Josh and I couldn’t crush Laurent’s enthusiasm, he was rarely enthusiastic. But Richard didn’t  have such qualms.

“No one wants to move to Forgotten Hollow, man.” Richard  snorted and rolled his eyes.  “Only you have the crazy obsession with Vampires.”

Laurent glared,  “It’s not crazy! I’ve been reading some old books that give eye witness accounts of-“

“Eye witness accounts from who?” Richard interjected, “Grow up, man.”

Laurent shook his head,  “Don’t tell me to grow up you walking trust fund!”

This was standard. Richard and Laurent were actually the closest  out of all of us.  They just enjoyed pushing each other’s buttons.

 I looked at Josh who only smiled knowingly at me.  It was almost comforting how easily we fell into our normal routine, even after  we’d  just made this big life changing decision.

It had started as a joke. Over a couple glasses of nectar  and a game of Blickblock  my friends and I  started batting around the idea of moving in together. 

We decided, after the nectar wore off, that moving in was actually the best idea for all of us. No one had the money to keep paying rent alone so we started making calls.

 Finding the best lot was the hard part. Laurent wanted to move to Forgotten Hollow, which had cheap lots but very creepy neighbors. Richard didn’t want to live in Willow Creek where all his parent’s friends could gossip about him.  Josh wanted to live in Newcrest but thanks to the popularity of jobs in San Myshuno, the suburbs were expensive. That left Oasis springs, which was a three hour drive from home, but it  was the only place we could all agree on.  Well, sort of…

Now, our “joke” had turned into the first day of the rest of our lives.

Josh stepped between them, not bothering to hide his amusement.  “Come on guys, let’s look around. You can bite each other’s heads off after we finish signing the paperwork.”

They both grumbled, but quieted they’re arguing. I smiled at Laurent as he pouted, “No worries, love. Think of it this way, you have this whole property to explore by yourself, I bet there are a ton of fossils and crystals around here.”

Laurent smiled sheepishly, recognizing he might actually enjoy it here. “I did see some wild plants we could use to start a garden.”

“That’s the spirit.” Josh encouraged, ” Let’s go this way, I saw a path that leads further into the cliffs. We might as well get acquainted with our new home. “

The boys and I made our way down the dusty red path till we found ourselves in carved spot dotted with foliage, facing the horizon. It was beautiful.

But of course the guys were too busy chatting about the construction they wanted to do on a new place  for us. Because the lot was completely empty, we had free reign to build whatever we wanted. Of course our funds were severely limited but at least we wouldn’t have to sleep outside.

Richard, Laurent, Josh and  I have  been friends for as long as I can remember.   The four horsemen of Willow Creek. At least that’s what we called ourselves.  Together until the end. Everyone had always questioned our friendship. Three boys and a girl. No tragic love stories, no unrequited feelings, or hidden rivalries. We were just there for each other. Which of course made us the center of attention in a traditional and backward town like Willow Creek.

Richard was the son of the biggest oil barrens in Willow creek and was always given the best of everything. He also had this great ear for music and wanted to  travel and make money off his sound. He was kind of a snob but we overlooked that because he had  a way of being endearingly clumsy.

Laurent was always more eccentric than the rest of us.  He had this strange obsession with vampires that we’d  always found entertaining. He normally kept  to himself but whenever we got together he’d always smile. He never talked much about his family but apparently they were O.K. with him moving all the way out to Oasis Springs.

Joshua had this weird techy, bad boy vibe that the girls in town seemed to fall for. Maybe it’s his muscles or the tattoos but he’s always attracted a lot of female attention. Too bad for them because he puts all of his energy into his programming, he’s kind of a perfectionist that way.

Then there was  me, Serina.  Regardless  of what everyone and there mother thought about me staying  With three men on my own,  I was perfectly capable of handling myself. My sisters said  it would ruin my prospects of getting a man, but I’d never been that flirty anyway so it didn’t really matter to me.

Recently,  I’d  been talking to a friend about getting my work looked at by a publisher so I didn’t  have time for dating.

All for of us living together was going to be the start of something pluming amazing …or  pluming terrifying.



Thanks for reading the first chapter of my latest story. Let me know what you guys think!

Happy reading! 


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1 The Four Horsemen! 

  1. Ooo this looks so fun! Having four sims to take care of right at the start of a legacy is pretty overwhelming haha, I love the dynamic they all have, just a group of mates hanging out together


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