Chapter 1.2 Growing Pains

09-09-17_9-58-05 PM

How much butter goes on the bread again?

09-09-17_10-04-21 PM
It took a month or so for the construction to finish the work on the house. It wasn’t anything elaborate. 

09-09-17_10-03-59 PM

It had One bedroom for all four of us which wasn’t too bad, but it made changing difficult . The living room, study and kitchen were all within a few feet of each other so there was very little privacy for our individual activities. 

We only had a few thousand simoleons to work with after Richard blew it all on the outright purchase of the lot. He even put my name down as sole owner, which, apparently, the guys agreed to behind my back. They said it was because the bulk of the money we used was mine and that since my parents died last year, I didn’t really have much to call my own. I couldn’t really be mad at them because it was an amazingly sweet gesture.

I made a mental note to talk to the lawyer Richard hired to see if I could add conditions on the land ownership so that we could all be secure in knowing that the land was a shared thing and not just mine.

09-09-17_10-00-52 PM
Although I seemed to be the only one enjoying the new house. Every morning of the first month, as I munched on what I would call a balanced meal, (grilled cheese is a food group) I listened to the guys moan and groan about the lack of amenities in the house .

09-09-17_10-01-47 PM
“Stop using all the hot water in the morning, Rich.” Josh grumbled, as he tucked into his grilled cheese. Joshua normally ran in the mornings to stay in shape, so he was the last one to the shower before we all dispersed for the day.

Richard wrinkled his nose at his grilled cheese before swiping his hand through his hair. He grinned, ” Perfection takes time, man. You have to sit at a desk with a bunch of computer nerds all day. My work requires a little more effort on my part.”
09-09-17_10-01-52 PM
Josh snorted, ” Yeah, all your effort will mean nothing if your music is crap. Focus on your guitar and not your hair, and maybe you’ll be able to bring home more than 20 simoleons a day.”

With that he pushed away from the table and headed out the door.

09-09-17_10-00-46 PM
Richard looked to Laurent and I but we just glared at him. He could figure out how to apologize to Josh without our help. Richard was difficult to live with on a good day because he thought too highly of himself. Sometimes he pushed the wrong button and things exploded. Over the years, we’d learned to be very clear with him when he was being a jerk.

09-09-17_9-58-18 PM

I’m not sure he got the hint this time but I did hear him practicing on his guitar in the living room as I got ready to go to work.
09-09-17_10-18-33 PM
Everyone had their own things they tried to do for work. I was working on getting my books published, my editor was brutal but fair and I couldn’t wait to start getting some of the royalites for some of the smaller works I’d been churning out.

09-09-17_10-55-28 PM
Richard went out every morning to perform in the spice district in San Myshuno, he barely made enough for the bus fare back to the house but he definitely fared much better with the women of the city.  He always came home with a couple numbers in his phone everyday.

09-09-17_10-49-37 PM-2

No one should enjoy going to work that much. 

09-09-17_9-58-48 PM

Laurent spent a lot of time on the computer surfing the web while everyone was away. He said he was doing research, but on what we never really knew.

09-10-17_4-43-23 AM

I’d see him reading these thick old books at all hours and he was always fascinated by whatever he found in them.

09-09-17_10-08-04 PM
“Laur?” I asked one day, before getting dressed for work. ” Don’t you think you should get a job? There are a ton of job openings for people who don’t want to interact in an office.”

09-09-17_10-08-28 PM
Laurent, looked away from the TV and gave me a perplexed look. “Why would I do that? All the gems I’ve been picking up more than cover my portion of the utilities.”

09-09-17_10-07-58 PM
I chuckled but I couldn’t much argue with him.

09-09-17_10-12-50 PM

For some reason the area around our large plot of land was covered in small deposits of precious gems.

09-09-17_10-14-14 PM

Laurent came in every day with his arms overflowing with plants, frogs and shiny crystals and metals of all sizes. 

09-09-17_10-20-25 PM

We eventually had to add a bookcase into the house just for him to store all his collectibles before he got the chance to sell them at the flea market every week. 

09-09-17_10-20-33 PM

Josh wasn’t fond of how often Laurent would leave all his “treasures” sprawled across any available surface. He wasn’t a clean freak by any means but he had a limit to how often he could handle eating his dinner in front a bright red fire opal. 

09-09-17_10-26-46 PM

Living with three guys was not what I expected it to be  but we managed. The boys were still just as obnoxious as always and I found time to work when everyone eventually vacated the house for the day. 

09-09-17_10-34-11 PM

Unfortunately living in such a small space did have it’s drawbacks. I think times like this encouraged Richard to work a little bit harder on his music. 

09-09-17_10-34-05 PM

Ok… A lot harder. 

09-09-17_10-34-23 PM

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it funny. 

Sorry for the delay! Thanks for reading! 

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