Sims 4 February 2018 Patch Update: 18 years of Sims and Diversity?

Hey Lovelies!

Here’s a link to my video on this topic if you want to see my full look at the patch:


Since EA put out a new patch the other day I wanted to make sure I tossed my two cents into the ring about this. So the new patch includes an amazing aray of new skin tones for the sims 4 that adds in a lot of the in between colors and undertones in skin tone that simmers have been asking for for a long time now. I would consider myself African American by most peoples standards. And there’s no secret that the sims has gotten back lash from the African American community and other historically marginalized groups for lack of representation.  In recent years they’ve been working to combat that by including in more culturally diverse art, clothing, and hairstyles into the game. If you guys would like I can talk about the sims and some of the cultural issues it’s experienced in a different video. But regarding the skin tones, my impression I’ve been getting from some simmers and the blog posted by the sims is that they want to treat this as a celebration of sorts. Umm, I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of that.  I’m not a fan of giving companies a gold star for doing something they should have done a long time ago. When we got gender fluid clothing I was in favor of celebrating because that was somewhat progressive considering that US society just recently started recognizing the gender fluidity is a concept and it wasn’t until 2015 that gay marriage became legal  in the US.  That was a historic occasion that I was happy to be alive to witness. New skin tones are not nearly on the same level. We’ve had this game since 2014.  The sims has been out since 2000. It should not take 4 years to start getting skin-tones that look like actual people.

Now I understand that people want to enjoy the addition  of new skin tones and don’t think we should criticize the company because the point is to encourage diversity.
I completely understand that perspective. Diversity should be encouraged because it is not the norm in a lot of areas of society. However, regardless of norms, diversity should be the default setting. It shouldn’t be that we have representation from only one group until people make a fuss or they decide to “add it later”.  That insinuates that diversity is some how different than normal. Which goes against the entire point of diversity, which is to say that differences are normal.
So my preference for this situation would have been the sims team include this in the game originally. But since that wouldn’t have happened,  My secondary preference would have been for them to include it as regular update in the game Much earlier, basically just slipping it in as part of adding new clothes or a new hairstyle. Not a celebratory update for 18 years of the games existence. In February? It feels cheap almost.
But those are my thoughts you guys I’d love to hear yours. I don’t do this often but it was a topic I felt strongly on so I thought I’d share my opinion. If your opinion differs from mine than please leave a polite comment and we can have a discussion!

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