Mental Health Day


Hey Lovelies!

Welcome Back! I’ve been away for awhile and I wasn’t quite sure how talk about it. I touched on it a little in my Update Video ( but honestly I wanted to go more in depth here.

11-11-17_2-02-56 AMedits

So for those of you guys that don’t know I have a lot of things I deal with on a regular basis. I go to therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and my doctors suspect I have a certain level of depression even though I’m not medicated at the time of writing this. Mental health is something I think as online citizens we talk about a lot as, I have X Y or Z condition but we sometimes just expect people to just get it. Certain things are A-typicalities for a reason. Not everyone has the same of experience of the world. Not everyone understands. They can try to be understanding but they may not understand. So figuring out the best way to take care of ourselves should always be top priority. (I say this knowing I still struggle with putting myself first).

I know the things that upset me. I know what it feels like to fight with my own feelings to make sure I have a clear understanding of reality. But just because I’m aware of that doesn’t mean that I should use it as an excuse to not be considerate to people or shame people for not understanding. I have to figure out to deal with my problems in a healthy way. That’s no one else’s responsibility but my own. As a functioning human I want to continue to function in society and interact with other humans.

With that being said, Youtube is one of those ways I occupy my time and my brain so that I can function properly. I love making stories and interacting with everyone on our channel.

Hopefully this go round I’ll find the right balance for creating content and taking care of myself. I’m gonna try blogging more when on the site to update everyone on how I’m doing and what my plans currently are for the Channel so stay tuned.



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