Starting a New Story: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 1

Hi Lovelies, dduixn3-ed71e77d-82ab-4b11-9a7e-f80a0a25163d

So it’s been awhile since I’ve actually posted a blog but I felt like documenting my thoughts on this new adventure could be enlightening to some people or, at the very least, at bit entertaining.

I’ve decided to start a new season of our sims 3 Warrior cats challenge, and I have to say I’m a bit intimidated. I’m excited, of course, but it’s always hard to know where to start for things like this.

I’ve been looking at populated and empty sims 3 worlds, potential camp designs, flora, fauna, my old lists to see if I need to change anything, and the list goes on.

Of course, character is always a big place to start with a new story.

As a writer, especially when looking at my novel, characters tended to fly out at me.

With Warrior Cats, it’s a bit different.

Everyone is shaped and molded by the world they live in, pushed and pulled by their environment. Lore is actually something I’m quite good at, I love mythology and religions, so crafting a creation story out of thin air is always enjoyable.

Sims and Warrior Cats have very different…levels of creativity available. It’s tempting to go the way of Warrior Cats Redux, and just scrap all of the Warrior Cats book lore and make my own.

That concepts poses its own challenges but may be much more fun for me in the long run. Less restricting. I may post a few creation stories and Gods and Goddess for our new world just as an exercise, to see how it goes.

Not that I have much against the Warrior Cats Lore, honestly I haven’t had time to read the latest arcs.  I grew up on the first three arcs and they’ve always meant a lot to me.

Now I feel like I want to get back to the root of what these stories are about. Not role-playing really, but survival, loss, compassion and empathy. I think these stories lend a lot of space to play around with these themes and I want to take the time to explore them, without things being…severely taxing lol.

Baby steps.



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