CC and Worlds: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 2

Hey Lovelies,
So this weekend was a flurry of mods and custom worlds and trouble shooting.

Best practices for working in Sims 3 is Back Up Everything.

Most Sims 3 mods are finicky at best, and in my effort to have a clean start, I uninstalled all my previous mods and made a completely new mod folder.

Easier said than done.

Sims 3 has the nasty requirement that a lot of packages need to be manually installed. So a good portion of my time on Saturday was clicking on each new  package and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy as they loaded individually.

Not the worst way to spend a weekend but I definitely didn’t like not being able to work quicker than one package every three minutes.

My first task, after re-downloading all my old custom content (plus some new stuff) was to test out a few different Worlds. Like I said before, characters are directly influenced by their surroundings so trying to find a nice Sims 3 World that allowed for multiple places for camps, territories, sacred places, conflicts, etc. was a bit difficult.

Our previous world, Arbor Vale, is a completely empty world, that required that I build everything myself. I’m not interested in doing that this time. Call me lazy, but trying to work with a “from-scratch” world is a lot of work.

I wanted to actually have some more “two-leg” interactions and conflicts in this one.  So we needed a world with pre-built roads and areas for Sims to populate but also have more rural and wild areas that cats could build camps in.

I think I’ve settled on Riverblossom Hills, it’s a nice world, pretty big, but I can limit the number of Sims and cats that move around. There a few key areas that I think make great spaces for different kinds of clans to create their own rituals and practices.

Next big hurdle is settling on characters, and how we want this story to be built. We can build a clan in an area without clans, or we can just build a clan in an areas with established clans and borders. Both have their perks and drawbacks. I’ll probably explore those a bit in the next blog.

Every story is different.



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