To Clan or Not to Clan: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog-3

Hey Lovelies!

So as you guys can tell from the frequency of these blogs, I tend to work through large portions of planning in short periods of time. The back bone of my stories are usually a lot easier to build than the details.

Currently, I’ve settled on Riverblossom Hills for our new world.


It has good in-built landmarks and differing terrain that lends itself to different clans and areas.

My current issue is figuring out the environment that our new characters will be existing in.

Based on our Youtube poll everyone seems to prefer established clans and territories, but I’m partial to building clans more organically.


My thought is that having individuals distinguish themselves and leave marks on the area that will eventually be a clan is more impactful than being told the history of a clan.

I hope that makes sense.

I suppose it’s because I don’t have any major ideas for new and novel clans. I have some ideas for cat behaviors, like a few cats who make their homes in the dug out ground near a construction site, and cats that find themselves in the company of vampires and, as a result, have slightly different ways of surviving. Cats that make their homes in the farm fields, and cats that live on the cliffs by the sea.

Each of these ideas lead to novel stories, but I’m not sure if I want to create full clans around them or set down a few family groups, siblings, new mothers and kits, and loners that each have their own way of surviving.

I may explore a few ideas in individual blogs, but as you guys can see I’m a little scattered with the way to take our cat groups.

Let me know which of the ideas you’d like me to write up first. I tend to think better when I write things out in story form.

I think I’ll include another poll with this blog because they do provide a lot of information. And they’re fun. šŸ™‚




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