Beginning of the World: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog – 4

Hush, for I will only tell this story once more.

The Watcher is a mystery to all creatures, two-legged and four-legged alike. But They created all things, and the first of Their creations were the Old Ones. There were many Old Ones in the beginning, however, the most revered were the Cats.

Ghadra and Alina, the siblings that chased each other through the sky, bringing the day and the night with them.

Elio, whose mane reflected the light of the sun and whose voice shook the ground.

Mira who walked the earth and trees and flowers sprouted in her path.

Finally, there was Samir who ran and brought the wind where ever he went.

These five Old Ones, were some of the favorites of the Watcher out of their many creations and all of those made after them were equally blessed with the Watcher’s favor.

Throughout the many moons  all Old Ones lived in peace, basking in the light of the The Watcher. They gave birth to  their own kits, cubs, and pups, populating the world with many new creatures.

Then one day, The Watcher vanished.

Their presence could no longer be felt and their creations mourned the loss.

Without The Watcher, the Old Ones fought for power in the world and the Five Cats perished in battle.

The only Cat left was a small black she-cat with one white sock on her right front paw and eyes a ghostly blue. Daughter of Ghadra and beloved by the rest of the Five, she was known as Nyx. As a kit she had run with Samir, fought with Elio, learned from Mira and played with Ghadra and Alina. She was the best of  all of them. But her size, compared to the other Old Ones, meant she was over looked. And so, as the fighting raged and only a few Old Ones remained, Nyx escaped into the sky and there she wept for her lost family.

Nyx watched as the battles ended, alone and cold in the heavens. When all was calm she came back to the world. Where her white paw touched the earth a large tree sprouted. and this was the place she called home. She became the Mother of all Cats and finally when she decided that the world could exist without her, she went back to the sky. As her kits follow her into the heavens they nestle into her pelt for their final resting place. Through the moon she watches the world and when it’s full she walks the night in the beams of light that come through the forest.

As her kits, we have her blessing and the powers she passed to us from her great and powerful family. The strength of Elio, the speed of Samir, the cunning of Mira, and the spirit of Ghadra and Alina, capable of dark and light. It is only in the spirit of The Mother, where all these traits were present, did the Cats survive. It is not enough to be one, you must be all and many, young ones.

Now go away, I’ve had enough of your questions.

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