Cats of the Southern Cliffs: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 5

Now of the many territories in  Riverblossom Hills, the Southern Cliffs are both the most dangerous and the most beautiful.

The sheer cliffs aren’t home to many wildlife, aside from the occasional reptile. Birds of prey make their nests on the mountain top and foxes have burrows underneath the rocks at the base. Being so close to the sea, there is  a constant wind blowing north, that is often strong enough to knock a cat off their feet if they aren’t careful. Rock slides are common after hurricanes when the water and wind have dislodged some of the earth holding the cliffs together. After many years of being buffeted by the wind and rain, the cliffs have become sheer and nearly impassable. Paths up and down often change due to shifts in the rock and movement is often an exercise of problem solving as well as memory.

Despite what one may think, the greatest threat to cats on the cliffs would not be the cliffs themselves, but the ocean. The brine from the ocean covers the beaches and the surrounding area in a thin layer of salt at all times and the excess amount of salt is the most dangerous to the cats.

 The cats spend most of their time hunting in the coves where the sea meets the small stretch of sandy beaches near the cliffs. They hunt small critters, sea birds, and of course fish. Unfortunately the fish that they hunt are often the most deadly to them. 

The first cats found that after only a few days of hunting in the ocean, and sleeping on the cliffs, salt became a constant presence on their pelts. Grooming became unpleasant and eventually cats began to die from the salt intake.

Over the years, the cats that made their home on the cliff side have found the best ways to survive and thrive, even in such a harsh environment. In order to survive they have adapted some of the most rigid rituals of any other groups of cats in the area.

All of the food brought back to the group is meticulously rinsed in pools of fresh water that are replenished by the rain. Cliff Cats are known to take regular full body dips in ponds and lakes to rinse off their layer of salt and they are often most comfortable soaking wet.

Since older cats are forbidden to come back to the group without at least rinsing their bodies, kits are taught early how to navigate the cliffs wet and dry. The weight that the water gives to their fur means that, when fully dry, these cats have incredible strength and dexterity. Kits are born and raised on the highest cliffs, they grow up understanding how mistakes can cost a cat their life. Mistakes are only made by cats not keeping to the group rules (salt is known to impair a cats ability to think) so a mistake is seen as a lack of dedication to the group way of life. 

Regular rains are the difference between life and death for this group of cats so they are often seen looking to the sky. They are incredibly dogmatic and rigid in their worship of Nyx, seeing it as practical and altogether necessary to revere She-Who-Brings-the-Rain.

Although, they do not believe that Nyx controls all things that happen to a cat, they do believe she shows her favor by bringing rains and strength to the cats who embody her ideals.

As a result, Cliff Cats tend to be quite bulky and muscular with thick coats of fur. Their personalities tend toward serious and stoic. The only time one could catch a Cliff Cat relaxed would be during a storm or in  a pond, since they seem to find comfort in being wet.

All the groups of Cats in Riverblossom Hills find the Cliff Cats to be odd, and much too literal most of the time. They are feared for their strength but considered a vague threat because they tend not to leave their territory often.  Thankfully for the other cats, there has not been a dry period for many moons. Dry periods, mean that the pools of freshwater near the cliffs are not cleansed, and only that would force the Cliff Cats to Hunt outside their territory.

They do not have the same fear of two-legs that the  other Cats of the Hills do. They find Two-legs intriguing at best, but they prefer to stay on their cliffs where they don’t encounter them much at all.

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