Constructing A Narrative: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 6

Hey Lovelies!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the small pieces of lore I’ve been coming up with. I always work better when things are written down and this blog has been a great way for me to focus on our budding story in small pieces.

Narrative is what I wanted to focus on today.

Narrative is something that is easier to build for a stagnant story. Beginning, Middle, and End. Clear goals, motivations, and obstacles.

With Warrior Cats, the Sims 3 Challenge specifically, it doesn’t lend itself to a linear narrative.

Everything is alive and at any moment things can change and shift and go in a completely new direction.

So when creating a story for something that you only have a modicum of control over, you tend to have to build in…escape routes.

These escape route are built into the base story.  They are basically conflicts that exist at all times that create tension on their own, without your input.

Food, shelter, natural disasters, cultural tension, etc. all lend themselves to tension without much effort. The goal is to build the possibilities of this tension into  history of characters and cultures.

For Example: The Cliff Cats  (Discussed in Blog 5) are constantly at risk from multiple angles, rock slides, lack of rain, cats not following group rules and bringing in contaminated food. All of these potential issues are now part of their life because of how we built their territory and their culture.

Now we can expand that to interactions between cultures.

I’ve been brainstorming a scavenger type culture for the cats that live in the abandoned quarry area dump site. Those cats find it hard to find food on their territory so they’ve innovated ways to grow the rare herbs and store the rare items other groups may need and they barter them for food. (Will go into more detail in Blog 8)

Now imagine these two cultures clash.  Cliff Cats  have access to more food but need certain plants that don’t grow on their territory. Rather than getting into a fight they may opt for bringing the Scavengers extra food for access to their supply of herbs. But this can create a problem when the Cliff Cats no longer need Scavenger help.

I find this idea intriguing mostly because it lends to more interesting interactions between cats and lots of potential for conflict.

I’ll go into more detail about my Scavenger Cats idea in another Blog after our next live stream where I build their territory.

Next, I’m gonna take a look at the Warrior Code and see what I want to keep, toss out or change for the purposes of our series.


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