The Warrior Code: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 7

For the un-initiated, the Warrior Code is a list of rules that the Clans tried to follow in the original Warrior Cats books by Erin Hunter.

I’ve leave a link to the original code HERE, because I don’t want to waste time listing the whole thing out.

Since we’ve established that our Lore for this story is going to be different from the main books I figured I’d address the changes to the Warrior Code for our story.

Generally the Warrior Code is followed in the Warriors Books, but more often than not, it gets ignored to point of being useless.

Effectively, the Warrior Code acts as a list of traditions that the Clans try to follow as a back bone to their society. Many people have broken down the multitude of issues with the Warrior Code, so that’s not my intention here. But I will say that because of how generic the Code tends to be, all of the clans tend to feel the same in the books excluding the differences in their territories.

In our story, each group will have their own Code. Their codes will be a list of traditions, rituals, goals, and ideas that are important to each group of cats.

Like all cultures, people believe different things for different reasons, and value life differently. To give all of our groups the same values would be incredibly boring.

However, in order to help with a basic moral barometer for our world, here are some general principles that all of the groups will follow but will enact in differing ways.

  1. Queens, kits, and elders  are the most important members of the group.
  2. Leaders, Deputies, and Medicine Cats are to be respected and their advice considered carefully.
  3. A cat is justified to protect what’s theirs. Be that territory, family, or food.
  4. Life is precious and so should not be taken lightly.

These are the only principles that most of the Cats will follow in our story. Everything else the Warrior Code  addresses in terms of rituals and passing of leadership, daily tasks, food allocation and so on, will be unique to each Clan. As we continue with the process of discovering the types of Clans we may have, I’ll create lists of their individual codes. See Below:

Clan Codes 

(Coming Soon)



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