Cats of the Quarry: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog – 8

The Quarry is one of those abandoned, lonely-looking places that most tend to over look at first glance.

The construction was stalled many moons ago, and very few recall what the area looked like before. Now, the Quarry is a massive cut into the earth made up of stubborn rocks and packed dirt. Large pools of water and debris collect in the center, a long with discarded trash and other unwanted things.

Of course, two-legs aren’t known for their cleanliness, so they left massive mounds of dirt and rock just to the east of the Quarry. After many moons of being left unattended, the mounds have started to grow small weeds and patches of short grasses over them. The upturned earth and new growth attract many bugs, and the occasional rodent, hungry enough to wander into the open.

A Cat who find themselves  in need of shelter, can often find an extra nest in the many tunnels and burrows in the sides of the small hills.

Thanks to the lack of abundant prey, the Cats who call the Quarry home are not the territorial sort. They moved in to the area out of need  ages ago and rarely deny a stranger the same opportunity. Shelter and companionship are open to all who pass through the Quarry, only food comes with a price.

The Cats of the Quarry are a resourceful bunch, after realizing their new home could not provide much in the way of hunting, they ventured into the surrounding territories. But of course this caused the surrounding groups to become hostile which the new group could not afford. And so they searched further, finding only strange items and plants before coming back to their new home.

These things they kept but when a young cat agreed to trade a rare herb for food, the Cats of the Quarry found their calling.

And so, for many moons, the most capable are sent out into the world to search for new and interesting plants and items for the Group. These items are bartered to other Groups for food, territory and whatever else the Quarry Cats may require.

The Cats of the Quarry are much more varied in size and shape due to certain cats being more suited to scavenging in certain areas and the movement of new cats in and out of the group so often.  Their reliance on their diplomacy and innovation rather than hunting to provide for their group make them unique among the Riverblossom Hill cats. Quarry Cats revere the speed and cunning of Samir and Mira, preferring to believe that Nyx favors those that showcases these traits. These cats are generally friendly, but tend to be very self-reliant because scavenging is often done alone or in groups of two or three. This can lead to a lot of fluctuations of power as small factions fight for attention and the favor of the group. The items a Cat brings back are often correlated to their own prowess, even going so far as to exile members for not bringing back valuable things. 

A kits’ future is often said to be foretold by the items brought back to camp on the day of their birth and poor items could also mean a loss of Nyx’s favor. They are more superstitious than other groups of cats, seeing omens and blessings, in the imperfections and rarities of the items they collect. Many who live here claim to be directly connected to the Goddess, but not many know how true that is.

The other rarity in the Quarry is that, because they feel so connected to Mira, they often grow their own herbs. The seeds of the plants brought back to  the group are often saved and planted by special cats to grow for future seasons and trades. These are incredibly sacred places due to their herb stores being their most reliable way of getting food. The cats that care for these gardens are often the most skilled fighters and most devout members of the group and hold high status.

The other cats of Riverblossom Hills have come to view the Quarry group as a necessary nuisance. The Quarry cats are the most familiar with the two-leg places and are the best cats to count on for information about when and where to expect certain dangers. Some cats view the group as a blessing because of their ready ability to help and provide for those in need. Mind you they do have a long memory and are sure to remember those that don’t live up to their end of a trade.

When it comes to Two-legs, these cats are almost bored with them. They recognize the danger but find it easy to avoid and after years of scavenging near two-leg places, the Quarry cats have worked out the best ways to navigate two-leg territory.


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