Nyx: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Mythology

ddx91ui-26bf6fe9-0bb0-4151-851c-50f39dc27444Of the remaining Old Ones, Nyx is the patron Goddess of Cats. She is said to be the overseer of Wild and Domestic Cats as well as the remaining Big Cats.

According to legend she is the Daughter of Ghadra, the Black Panther who brings the Night. She learned her skills from her father and the other Five Cats and so is said to embody all of their powers and desires.

Her followers call her the Mother of Cats, She Who Brings the Rain, Goddess of Night, Silverpelt and many others.

Nyx is said to be the final resting place for all Cats, she lives in the sky and the Moon is her one white paw and the stars are all the cats before who have gone back to her to nestle into her pelt like kits.

She is said to come down to the world on full moons and to sleep on the dark of the moon.

All places that are bathed in moonlight are said to be her sacred places and touched by her directly. Full white cats are said to be her chosen or at least uniquely blessed by her.

ddx91uu-25660b78-2439-434d-9b5d-6b9bc7cf2a54Nyx is a Goddess of survival and for that reason is not a very easy deity to understand.

Her biggest concern is the survival of Cats in any way possible. Because of this, she can be seen to support many different ways of life.

As long as the actions her charges take are not directly harmful she is more likely to allow them to do and believe whatever they like.

Like all Old Ones, she has limited foresight and has a limit to the control she can exert over the world. 

She’s known for being quite direct and will intervene if she believes certain actions will be what’s best for her followers. Her chosen are often visited by her at night where she gives whatever instruction or insight she wants to provide.

Nyx is often known for allowing the Cat’s Ancestors to deliver messages for her and she may listen to their council regarding their own families or groups.

There are many different factions that believe in Nyx but so far she has not shown favor toward any one group or way of life.

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