Elio: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Mythology

Elio is one of the Five Old Ones and is the second youngest of the Cats.  He is depicted as a male lion, his mane bright like the sun, and his pelt formed from the molten rock from the center of the earth.

Those who revere him call him “The Warrior” and “The Claw”.


He is said to embody Perseverance and Physical Strength. He is the patron of Power  and is very well beloved among Cats. Elio has no most powerful season, but his influence is said to be the strongest in the direct light of the Sun.

Elio is often depicted baring his fangs at an enemy or standing guard.

Since his Death in the War of the Old Ones, his power has been embodied in his apprentice, Nyx.

All Cats have Elio’s abilities through their will to fight and their inner strength to protect their home and family. Many consider their fangs and claws direct showings of Nyx’s favor through their display of natural power. Exercises to improve their outer and inner strength, are true showings of Elio’s legacy.

Many believe that Elio is the true power of Nyx. Warriors and their subsequent importance in the Clan are said to be the way Nyx shows Cats that power is needed to survive. Those that put their Faith in power often disregard wise council, devalue those with less strength, and fight battles they cannot win.

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