Ghadra: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Mythology

Ghadra is one of the Five Old Ones and along with his twin sister, Alina, he is the oldest of the Cats.  He is depicted as a large black panther, his pelt dotted with stars, and galaxies of many colors.

Those who revere him call him “He who Brings the Night”, “The Dark Spirit”, and “The Shadow”.ddx91vl-6e50f195-8335-41c0-9af9-4427d567298c

He is said to embody all the harsh and difficult parts of life. He is the patron of Death, itself but is not viewed as evil by his followers. Ghadra is said to have more power in Leaffall and Leafbare. He is one side of the cycle of life in the world.

Ghadra is often depicted chasing his sister, Alina, around the world bringing the changing seasons and the day and night.

Since his Death in the War of the Old Ones, his power has been embodied in his Daughter, Nyx.

All Cats have the capability to balance both the dark and light. And as a result, the spirit of Ghadra and Alina are said to exist in all cats. Those that find the proper balance, the ability to make hard choices, while still finding the value in life, are said to have true spiritual strength.

Very few believe that Ghadra is the true power of Nyx but those that do, often have an inclination toward careless killing, callous decisions, and disregard for the well being of others.

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