Mira: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Mythology

Mira is one of the Five Old Ones and is the oldest Cat after the twins, Ghadra and Alina.  She is depicted as a Bengal tiger, her pelt is the orange of clay and from her stripes plants and vines bloom.

Those who revere her call her “Mother of Plants”,  and “The Cunning One”.


She is said to embody the greenery of the world. Mira is also the world’s first teacher, she is said to know the names and uses for all the world’s plants and animals. Mira is the patroness of all Plants, and is viewed as a harsh but devoted teacher by her followers. Mira is said to have more power in Greenleaf and Leaffall.

Mira is often depicted walking the earth where plants and flowers bloom from her paw prints. Many of the most beneficial plants are said to have been created when her blood spilled on the battlefield.

Since her Death in the War of the Old Ones, her  power has been embodied in her first pupil, Nyx.

All Cats have the capability to rely on their wits and their knowledge to navigate the world around them. Mira’s power lies in a Cat’s ability to use all their skills to survive. Those that have her strength are considered those that recognize the value of strategy and self reflection.

Some believe that Mira is the true power of Nyx. Those that do, often put all of their faith in their mental abilities, are more likely to run than fight, and look down on those without the same views that they have.

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