Samir: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Mythology

Samir is the youngest of the Five Old Ones. He is depicted as a  Cheetah, his pelt made of wind and sand, sparkling a bright gold and his spots match the bright blue of a summer sky.

Those who revere him call him “The Wind”and “The Kit”.


He is said to embody freedom and speed. He is the patron of the Wind and is viewed as capricious and mercurial by those that follow him. Samir has no season of power but is  is said to have the most influence when strange winds blow.  Samir is sometimes seen as the protector of young kits, as they share many of his characteristics.

Samir is often depicted running on the wind, playing in the air currents.

Since his Death in the War of the Old Ones, his power has been embodied in his companion, Nyx.

All Cats crave freedom and even as kits, have a reckless abandon for play and mischief. As Cats grow, Samir’s strength comes from the appreciation of the beautiful and unpredictable world a Cat inhabits. Nyx gifted all cats with the ability to form the bonds of closeness with their Clanmates and a Clan’s strength lies in those bonds.

Very few believe that Samir is the true power of Nyx but those that do, often have an inclination toward flightiness, selfish behavior, and irresponsibility.

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