Cats of The Forest: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 12

Riverblossom Hills is known for its many pastures and patches of woods that dot the landscape. Broken up by the occasional farm and winding road, the forests of Riverblossom Hills are nestled up against the north side of the southern cliffs and spread  north until they give way to the town of Riverblossom Hills in the center of the valley.

The Forests are home to many creatures big and small. Rodents, lizards, frogs, birds and snakes live in the wild expanse of vegetation. Foxes are the most abundant predator along with the occasional stray dog. Birds of prey find it hard to penetrate the canopy so they are sited less frequently.  The Forest is old and large storms often cause ancient trees to collapse and small fires to start from lighting strikes. There are many small crevices and areas that are created from the ever growing vegetation, so one must always be vigilant.

The cats of Riverblossom Hills are often tempted by the abundance of prey in the forested areas, but find the idea of the potential dangers too much to risk. They find it easier to exist close to the two- leg places rather than learn the ways to survive in the forest. Those that do decide to call the forest home are often the lost and exiled. Those cats cast out from the Cliffs or The Quarry or the surrounding two leg places. These lost cats are often jaded and apathetic about life and their previous cultures. The Forest becomes a mix of ideas, traditions and fighting styles. These stray cats don’t often get along but, in the past,  many have tried to pull them together into one group. 

Once there were groups of cats who preferred living in the forest, and many  believe their descendants still live in secret places in Riverblossom Hills. 

Forest cats would need to have a deep understanding of the dangers of the woods while also knowing how to thrive in the shadow of the trees. There are many places that would make wonderful safe havens, with proper defenses and care.

It may take a true Clan Cat to finally bring these cats together into one coherent group.

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