Character Building: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog-13

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Today I want to  focus on what we worked on yesterday on stream. Our Characters.

(If you haven’t come to check out our Sunday streams, I highly recommend because it’s a great way to get to see some early content and hangout with the community.

Cypresstone_2Whenever I start working on a character I want to take into account a lot of the things that could have influenced their personality without being too complicated.  Our main forest cat, Cypresstone is a hardworking dedicated warrior with a  fear of getting close to new cats after the loss of her family.  This makes her distinct from Brightstripe, our original Warrior Cats Challenge character, because Brightstripe was taken from her home and spent her time trying to find a place where she could belong and feel safe.

This is partially why  I asked everyone who submitted cats what their character’s short and long term goals were. Goals say a lot about a character’s priorities and can help focus a character that could, without those goals, feel incredibly generic.

For our four main characters ( and our current favorite couple Elkfern x Troutclaw) I wanted to find different characters that would have unique ways of viewing the way the world works. Here are a few small backstories below:


Hailstrike grew up on the Cliffs and left at his mother’s wishes after the death of her brother during a horrible storm. He’s always yearned to go back and now that his mother has taken up residence in KestrelClan in her old age and he’s found a mate of his own, he wants to go back to his ancestral home and create a clan that would be blessed by Nyx in a way that KestrelClan never could be.

Silverdust_2Silverdust was born under a full moon and at the same time her father brought a cut of silver back to the clan. From then on KestrelClan expected great things from her, pushing her to be a caretaker of the sacred garden and to dedicate her life to the Clan’s prosperity. All of this pressure weighed on the young cat who simply wanted to hunt and one day raise a family. After falling in love, her new mate offers to take her away from her home and start a new family of her own, but life on the Cliffs may not be everything she always wanted.

MaeMae grew up fighting for everything she could ever need and sleeping with one eye open. After a pretty bad fight she was nursed back to health by the local superstitious wild cats. In order to pay back her debts to the Clan she starts hunting down herbs for them and finds that she’s pretty good at it. Unfortunately KestrelClan is full of cats trying to get ahead. Good thing for Mae she’s willing to do just about anything to be able to find her place in the world.

I’ll be making some individual character profiles for these guys as we get closer to our new series date.

In the meantime, definitely follow me on twitter and twitch for stream updates to get more info on our upcoming story.

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