Storm Clan Warrior Code: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 14

In our previous writings on the Warrior Code (found here) I discussed that each of our clans will eventually have their own set of tenants and codes that they will follow because each of our clans are so unique and specialized. Storm Clan is the first clan I want to tackle.

Storm Clan was an old clan with pre-established rules that two of our Cats, Hailstrike and Silverdust, will be reviving. Many of these rules are intended for optimal survival and geared toward ensuring the Clan has it’s best chance. However, because this clan is old, many of it’s rules are considered incredibly strict and leads to cats with very rigid moral and ethical systems.

Warrior Code:

  1. A true Warrior will only use their strength in service to feeding their clan, defending their clan, and protecting those that cannot protect themselves.
  2. Respect the Territory of Other Cats
  3. All Cats or Food that enter Camp must be Cleansed First
  4. All Cliff Bound Cats, the elders, sick, injured, pregnant queens, and kits are to eat before Warriors and Apprentices.
  5. To hunt and bring back food for the Clan is a sacred process that one must give thanks to Nyx for.
  6. New Warriors will spend an entire day hunting for the Clan without Cleansing. Only when the sun has set will they be allowed to return to the Clan.
  7. A Cat may only be made Deputy if they have trained an apprentice.
  8. The Deputy will become Clan Leader if the Leader dies or retires.
  9. If the Leader is exiled, then the Medicine Cat chooses the new Clan Leader with Nyx’s guidance and the new Leader will choose a new Deputy.
  10. A New Deputy must be appointed before the next high tide.
  11. The Leader must got to the Moon Tree for communion with Nyx and StarClan once a  month.
  12. All Cleansing sources must be checked daily. These sources must be protected at all costs.
  13. A True Warrior embodies the strengths of Elio but as Children of Nyx values all cats and does not take life wantonly.


  1. All cats born during a storm are blessed.
  2. Kits are to be Cliff bound until their 6 moon.
  3. Nursing Queens need not be Cliff bound if they have den mates ready to look after their kits.
  4. Elders are retired when can no longer climb the cliffs.
  5. Apprentices spend their first moon learning how to scale the cliffs, dry and wet.
  6. The contamination of any cleansing sources is seen as a bad omen.
  7. A cat who forgets to Cleanse is subject to severe penalties.

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