Beast Tamer Challenge

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Hey Lovelies!

In honor of The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion release I created a challenge for a new LP on my channel!

Check it out here: Coming Soon!

My version of the challenge is going to be more story based but you can play it simply for the challenge aspect.

The Goal:

Be recognized by the world as a renowned beast tamer with the ability to train and take care of any animal.

  • Train and care for 6 different dogs, and 6 different cats , one fox and one raccoon for a total of 14 animals
  • Complete the Friend of the Animals Aspiration
  • Complete the Training Skill and Max the Vet Skill
  • By the end of the challenge you will recognized as a great Beast Tamer.

The Setup:

  • This challenge requires the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs to play
  • Start by making One Sim in CAS they must have the cat lover and dog lover traits and the Friend of the Animals aspiration. The third trait is up to you. If playing for story purposes, one of the character value traits from the Sims 4 Parenthood can be added as well post CAS.
  • Place your Sim on one of the empty lots in Brindleton Bay or whichever world you prefer, Brindleton Bay is recommended.
  • Set the household funds to 2000 by using the money cheat (testingcheats true + money 2000)
  • Set up a small living space for your sim and include at least one pet centered item.
  • Your sim is only allowed to make money from their land so they cannot get a job.
  • Within the first sim day your sim must meet a stray and invite them to live in their household. From this day forward your sim must always have an animal as part of their household.

Basic Rules:

  • Each animal must be trained to NOT do at least three behaviours. ( Pee inside, drink from toilet, jump on counters etc.)
  • Each animal must be at least good friends with your Sim.
  • After training the animal can be adopted out or sold.
    Your Sim can only invite strays to join the household.
  • Pets can be encouraged to mate and the puppies or kittens will be added to the total 14 if properly trained
  • The original two animals have to be invited strays. Only one pair of animals can be encouraged to mate at a time and that pair can only have a litter once.
  • Strays can be edited in CAS for coat colors and patterns but not for actual breed, body or fur shape.
  • Vet skill must be obtained by studying on your home lot.
  • Each pet can only be taken to the vet once in their life. Every other time they must be treated at home.
  • Interacting with other sims is not forbidden but the beast tamer must focus on their animals.

Any mods or cheats that make the training of animals easier are strictly forbidden.

Allowed Mods:

Custom harvestables- Only if placed in the world outside of the sims lot and the sim must go to a physically pick the food before planting.
Canning Mod
Beekeeping Mod
And all other mods that don’t actively impact your sims skills

Have Fun!!

Author Note:

I’m using the sim I’m making from this challenge to be the Beast Tamer in my Amazon Challenge. So things that will be happening to my sim will be based around mostly story while still completing the challenge!