Storm Clan Warrior Code: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 14

In our previous writings on the Warrior Code (found here) I discussed that each of our clans will eventually have their own set of tenants and codes that they will follow because each of our clans are so unique and specialized. Storm Clan is the first clan I want to tackle.

Bramblethorn- DuskClan

Bramblethorn   Appearance: A light cream, and brown pointed long haired cat. Bulky and imposing but with a happy and generous nature. Bright blue eyes.  Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Unknown Role: Deputy Gender: Male Personality:    Goals: Lifetime Goal– Prosperity of his Kin Short term Goal– Making sure no fights break out between the clans Mate: Snowhawk Kits: … Continue reading Bramblethorn- DuskClan