Newcrest Witches: The #BuildNewcrest Hale Legacy

09-07-16_8-27-53-pmThe #BuildNewcrest  Hale Legacy

Welcome to the Hale Legacy!

This is the home of my  #BuildNewcrest Legacy Challenge: The Hale Legacy. This challenge was originally thought up by Simply Vanilla Sims and you can check out their blog here.

I really enjoy this challenge but I may change things up a bit so that the story can progress and make sense. I also included some aspects of the Amazon Challenge because the story is focused on expanding a group of mainly women into a community. You can look at the rules for that challenge here. I won’t adhere to most of those rules but you might see some aspects of them as the story continues.

I’m calling this series; Newcrest Witches because we’re  going to follow Maeve Hale on her journey to building a thriving coven and community in the city of Newcrest. Come join the story. Below is an index to all the current chapters.  (I’ll try to update this as often as possible.)

Table of Contents

Generation 1: Maeve Hale


1.1 Misunderstanding

1.2 Tall Glass of Water

1.3 Free Food and Freeloaders 

1.4 Fire Opal

1.5 Maybe Friends

1.6 Confessions of a Witch

1.7 Restless Waters

1.8 A Witch Among Sims