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Hey Lovelies!

So I decided to try my hand at Simlit one more time. This is going to be an adaption of the Random Legacy Challenge..  I’m also using some of the rules from the Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge but I’m tweaking everything a bit.

  • No points system. Just playing for fun!
  • Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir. Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir. If the heir dies an unexpected death then the sibling with the second most votes will become the new heir. If the heir dies but has no siblings then a  first cousin will fulfill the duty of heir. If there is more than one first cousin eligible to be the heir then there will be a vote to determine which one will become the new heir of that generation.
  • Voting will take place once the youngest child born to the current heir becomes a teenager.
  • No restrictions on marrying or moving in rich Sims. Heir can also marry Sims that I create or download from the Gallery.
  • The heir must always live on the legacy estate from the time they assume their duty as the heir. Once a sim is named  heir then they can never move out of the home otherwise they will forfeit the title. If a Sim does not live on the estate but was chosen to be the heir, they must move in immediately upon receiving the title. (All this only applies if the rolls for that generation are not in conflict with staying on the lot)
  • Names will be randomly selected or readers can submit names before babies are born.
  • No money cheats but other cheats are fair game.
  • All in-game anti-aging/anti-death items can be used as long as they are created and achieved legitimately in-game without any outside cheats involved.
  • I’ll use the Random Trait Generator from the SimsLegacyChallenge.com to generate traits and aspiration of the heir and other children born into the family. The traits will be rolled after the baby is born but before they become a child. I use the one to generate all traits at once located here – that way I can better plan my stories knowing how the kids will turn out. All heirs will have a different aspiration from the previous ones. Aspirations can change only when the heir has completed the one they were assigned upon becoming a teen.
  • I’ll use the Random Legacy Challenge roller found here, to roll for each potential heir’s generation roll when they become a teen. All information for their roll will be included when the kids are put up for a vote.
  • The challenge ends when the 10th generation has completed their goals and the 11th generation’s heir has come of age.

You can start the story here: Generation 1 of the Chance Legacy
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