The Chance Legacy: Generation 1

Serina Chance – Founder

Traits: Unflirty, Art Lover, Foodie

Lifetime Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Career: Writer (Author)

09-09-17_9-14-45 PM



Helper 1:  Joshua Steele


Traits: Active, Perfectionist, Genius

Lifetime Aspiration: Soulmate

Career: Tech guru (start up entrepreneur)

09-09-17_9-20-14 PM

Helper 2: Laurent Kerry

Traits: Loner, Perfectionist, Neat

Lifetime Aspiration: Vampire Family 

Career: Unemployed

09-09-17_9-27-09 PM

Helper 3: Richard Aaron

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Clumsy, Snob

Lifetime Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Career: Freelance Musician

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The story begins here…

Chapter 1.1 The Four Horsemen

Chapter 1.2 Growing Pains

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