How-To Document

This Document will go through the basic steps for starting your own Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge. I did not come up with this challenge but I have compiled a lot of information, mods, and tips for you guys to see how to make the challenge easier and tons of fun. This document is simply a reference tool for those who want the core information I’ve collected. I am in no way claiming mods, or information. I am also not telling anyone to do the challenge a specific way. I’m still learning the best way to play this challenge and ,as my series progresses, we can grow together.   Each Section will be linked to a specific “How To” video on my channel that will further explain in detail how each section plays a role in the challenge.

The Challenge 


The Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge has been around for awhile. Here’s the link to the forum on Mod the Sims that shows the most straightforward rendition of the challenge.

 The link above is only one of the possible ways the challenge can be played. Each player is different and once you find out how you want to play the challenge, the sky’s the limit.

The Cats


Whether you want to start out with one cat or five cats, you need to create them in CAS (Create-a-sim). Here are a few mods I’ve picked up that change limb size, tail size, eye color and much more. It helps to make your cats look they way you want them to. Here is a link on my channel explaining how these mods work in CAS and what you can do with them.

Cat Mods

Eyes –


Tail Thickness-

Tail Length-


Pet leg sliders-


Splotches and Markings -


The World 


There are lots of places you can play the challenge. You can play on any lot size that you want in any world you want. For the type of game play I’m doing I use a custom world with no roads or buildings and I use 64×64 lots for clan camps. Clan camps can look anyway you want them to. Put them in a forest, or a cave, or on the beach or in a swamp. Everything is fair game. You just have to make sure that you design the camp with Warrior Cats in mind. A camp needs a den for warriors , a nursery, a den for the leader, and a medicine cat den. How you design these, and what you make them out of is up to you. Here are a few links to custom sims 3 worlds and build mode objects to make the perfect Warrior Cats Camp.

        Custom Sims 3 Worlds

Arbor Vale (The World I Use)-

Use this link for other really great custom worlds-

        Build Mode Mods and Objects

Decor and Surfaces-



The Game 



Cat Objects and Mods

Cat perch-

Big Cats-

Minor Pet snack-

Pet Objects-

Camera Mods:

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