Warrior Cat Index

The Sims 3

Warrior Cats Challenge

Cat Index:


This document is going to include all the relevant cats and their current story arcs from my Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge series. It will also include their looks and their personalities as well as relevant fears and goals that will help you guys understand why I play them a certain way.  All information will be updated based on the last video posted. If you have not see up to the most recent episode of the series, do not read further for there be spoilers ahead.  (This document will be added to as the series progresses and cats come into our story.)

All Art Created by Roose: https://www.deviantart.com/roosprouting

Season 1 Clans:

   Bright Clan        Dusk Clan       Clanless Cats

BrightClan SymbolDuskClan SymbolClanless Cats Clan Symbol

Season 2 Clans:

Kestrel Clan              Storm Clan

KestrelClan_2                                      StormClan_2




Mythology           Territory Histories      Warrior Code

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