BrightClan SymbolClan Information:

BrightClan is a new clan to the Valley. Founded by BrightStar the Clan takes in all cats that need a home and can contribute to the group. The Clan values honesty and openness above all else, secrets benefit no cat. With access to much of the valley for their hunting grounds, the cats of BrightClan don’t want for prey throughout most seasons of the year. Because they are so open, they have a tendency to be easily tricked. They know very little about the history of the valley and it’s previous cat clans. They have a very small connection to Starclan with their medicine cat Smokeheart working as a novice at contacting their warrior ancestors. As a result the majority of the clan is not very spiritual and tends to focus on the here and now. 


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Clan Cats:




Medicine CatSmokeheart

WarriorsNightcoat, Dawnwind, Sunsplash, Leopardtail, Firetail

Apprentices– N/A

Queens– N/A

Kits– Finchkit, Sunkit, Amberkit, Beetlekit 

Elders– N/A