DuskClan Symbol

Clan Information:

DuskClan is the oldest clan in the valley. It existed before the Great Destruction of the last group of clans that inhabited the valley. The survivors of that tragedy banded together and formed Duskclan from the remnants of the previous four clans. As a result, these cats are more tenacious and territorial. They’ve lost everything once and they are not going to again. They don’t think much of formalities or diplomacy since they’ve existed as the only clan for so long. Many of the cats in the clan have their own histories that they don’t share with any of there clanmates which can lead to instances of in-fighting at times. With such a large clan they are always hunting for prey and are not keen on sharing hunting grounds with any new clans that form in the valley. 


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Clan Cats:




Medicine CatFrostflower

Warriors– Lightningstrike, Cedarpelt, Spottedbreeze, Riverreed

Apprentices– Stormpaw, Ashpaw, Hazelpaw, Berrypaw

Queens– Snowhawk, Palefern 

Kits– Birchkit, Shadekit, Tansykit, Rowankit

Elders– N/A

Outsiders– Maplewood