Warrior Cats Random Generators

Warrior Cats Random Generators:


In this document I will include all the random generators I use in my Warrior Cats Challenge Series to keep the game challenging and interesting. Most of these numbers can be run using random.org.  (These generators are still under construction and will be changed as the series progresses)

All plant and animal items in the sims 3 are listed here: Plants, Minor Pets, Insects, Fish

Basic Generators:

These generators are for everyday occurrences, like portrait color changes, hunts, and kits being born.

Portrait Color Change- (Anything other than green)

newleaf , greenleaf, leaffall, leafbare

*All rolls other than “Fine” need to be rolled for severity. *


Fine- (1-69), (1-69), (1-49), (1-39)

Sick- (70-89), (70-89), (50-79),(40-79)

KittenCough/Greencough- (90-100), (90-100), (80-100), (80-100)


Fine- (1-79), (1-79), (1-69), (1-59)

Sick- (80-94), (80-94), (70-89),(60-89)

Greencough- (95-100), (95-100), (90-100), (90-100)


Fine- (1-69), (1-69), (1-49), (1-49)

Sick- (70-89), (70-89), (50-79),(50-79)

Greencough- (90-100), (90-100), (80-100), (80-100)

Kit Births:

newleaf , greenleaf, leaffall, leafbare

Whole Litter Survives(1-69), (1-69), (1-59), (1-49)

One Still Born(70-81), (70-81), (60-79),(50-64)

Two Still Born (82-91), (82-91), (80-89), (65-79)

Lose Entire Litter (92-100), (92-100), (90-100), (80-100)

Personality Generators:

Every time a cat is brought into the clan (kit or full grown cat) they need to have their personality rolled for. They need three personality traits and one lifetime goal. Two of the traits should be positive, like being kind  and one of the traits should be negative, like being dishonest.

(Kits must keep their personality rolls but if an adult cat rolls traits that conflict with their Sims 3 traits they can roll again, and the top three traits out of the two rolls becomes their traits.)

I use these sites for personality traits and character goals.

Personality Traits and Goals -(Just for triats) http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-character-traits-generator.php

Or (Traits and Goals)


Hunting: (Brightly colored snake, crocodile etc.)

*All rolls other than “Fine” need to be rolled for severity. *

Land prey (Brighty colored snake)

*only roll if they lose*
Fine- (1-50)
Poisoned- (51-94)
Fine- (1-69
Poisoned- (70-94)

Level 1 Snakes: (Less Venomous)

Emerald Tree Boa Snake

San Francisco Garter Snake

Level 2 Snakes: (Highly Venomous)

Yellow Chondro Python 
Scarlet King Snake 
 Iridescent Shieldtail Snake

Water Prey (shark, jelly fish, crocodile etc.)

*roll every time dangerous water prey is caught*
Fine- (1-49)
Minor Injury (50-79)
Major Injury/Poisoned (for jellyfish)- (80-94)
Fine- (1-59)
Minor Injury-(60-84)
Major Injury/Poisoned (for jellyfish)- (85-94)

Severity Generator:

All numbers 1-10 stand for the number of items needed to fix that particular injury/illness/ problem.

Minor- (1-4)


Deadly- (9-10)

*Minor- bites, scratches, pulled muscles, minimal poison.*

*Major- Broken bones, major wounds, large amounts of poison*

*Deadly-…self explanatory.*

Fight Generator:

*roll no matter who wins*

*All rolls other than “Fine” need to be rolled for severity. *

Cat vs. Cat

Same Skill Level-

No injuries to either cat – (1-10)

Loser injured, Winner No injuries (11-41)

Both Cats Injured (42-90)

Loser Killed, winner injured (91-99)

Both Cats killed (100)

Apprentice vs. Warrior/Elder-

No injuries to either cat – (1-5)

Loser injured, Winner No injuries (6-41)

Both Cats Injured (42-80)

Loser Killed, winner injured (81-99)

Both Cats killed (100)

Event Generators

These generators include daily event generators that make everyday life difficult for the cats on top of all the plots that need to be taken care of.

Daily Generator:

This needs to be rolled once a day to see what outside thing is affecting the cats today. The time of year will also affect the likelihood of certain events occurring. Everything besides”Nothing Happens” has be rolled for Polarity (Positive or Negative or Neutral) and Severity.

Nothing Happens- (1-19)

Food/Water Related- (20-39)

Medicine Related- (40-59)

Camp Related- (60-79)

Animal Related (80-100)

Polarity Generator

This needs to be rolled if something other than “Nothing Happens” is rolled on the Daily Events Generator.  The likelihood of something good or bad happening changes by season and by clan territory. The nature of the outcome is up to roller choice. For example if it’s  greenleaf, and a good food outcome is rolled, it could be interpreted as an abundance of prey  or a new territory being discovered.  Or if a neutral medicine outcome is rolled it could be the medicine cat wants a specific number of herbs by the end of the day (determined by the severity generator) that aren’t required to save a cat’s life but would make the clan stronger if they had them.

newleaf , greenleaf, leaffall, leafbare

Good – (1-60), (1-49), (1-34),(1-25)

Neutral – (61-85), (50-79), (35-75), (26-49)

Bad –(86-100), (80-100), (76-100), (50-100)

Possible Outcomes

Good- Prey abundance, herb abundance, new cat, new territory, reclaiming of old territory etc, flea extermination etc.

Neutral- Looking for something a cat wants but not necessarily needs. Quest for apprentices, exploring territory etc. ( no major consequences)

Bad- prey scarcity, herb scarcity, water dries up/ goes bad,  attacked by foxes, wolves, raccoons, other cats, lose territory, prey goes bad, flea outbreak,