Episode 14| Bright Red Dawn

Deep in the wilderness, clans of cats roam free. These cats live their lives, loving and laughing together. They protect their territories in order to survive. Follow Brightstripe as she carves out her own future in this land of wild cats. Will she be a leader? A healer? Or loyal warrior that protects her clan … Continue reading Episode 14| Bright Red Dawn


Leopardtail Appearance: A medium sized tan and brown spotted she-cat with white patches on her legs and muzzle. Bright yellow eyes. Older but a fast learner.  Traits: Current Clan: Clanless Cat Age: Approx. 61 Moons (5.08 years) Role: Warrior Gender: Female Personality: Kind, loyal, jealous. Fears: Losing Loved Ones Goals: Lifetime Goal– Respect Short term Goal– To keep her daughter … Continue reading Leopardtail-BrightClan