CC and Worlds: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 2

Hey Lovelies, So this weekend was a flurry of mods and custom worlds and trouble shooting. Best practices for working in Sims 3 is Back Up Everything. Most Sims 3 mods are finicky at best, and in my effort to have a clean start, I uninstalled all my previous mods and made a completely new … Continue reading CC and Worlds: Sims 3 Warrior Cats Blog- 2

Amazon Challenge: Custom Content

Hey Lovelies! Here are all the mods that I've been using in my game that are important for all the lots in our challenge: *This list is organic and will change as the story progresses* Packs In My Game: Skills and Aspirations: Skills:   Canning Mod- Beekeeper Box - Life States: Mermaid Mod- Fairy Mod- reading Amazon Challenge: Custom Content