Frostflower- DuskClan

Frostflower Appearance: A white and gray spotted short-fur  tabby . Medium  sized with a graceful way of moving that suggests speed and experience. Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Approx. 36 Moons (3 years) Role: Medicine Cat Gender: Female Personality: Kind, loyal, Selfish Fears: Failure Goals: Lifetime Goal-Love Short term Goal- Unknown Mate: None Kits: None Names: … Continue reading Frostflower- DuskClan


Appearance: A a ginger, brown and white spotted short-fur  tabby . Large ears and a small face give her an expressive look. Her smaller size encourages her to work twice as hard. Current Clan: Clanless Cat Age: Approx. 12 moons (1 year) Role: Warrior Gender: Female Personality: Honorable, Disciplined, and self-righteous Fears: Death Goals: Lifetime Goal-Respect Short term … Continue reading Dawnwind-BrightClan