Cats Galore!

Hey Lovelies!! New Episode of Warriors and a new CAS is coming out today! Get Ready!!  


Riverreed Appearance: A dusty brown and  grey tom with multi-toned stripes on his back and white on his legs and muzzle. Grey-blue eyes that  are constantly observe his surroundings.  Traits: Current Clan: DuskClan Age: Approx. 38  Moons (3.16 years) Role: Warrior Gender: Male Personality: Unknown Fears: Unknown Goals: Lifetime Goal– Unknown Short term Goal– To deliver a message to Smokeheart Mate: … Continue reading Riverreed-DuskClan


Nightcoat Appearance: A large black tom with large gray patches and a long fluffy tail. One Green eye and one yellow eye. Agile and fast despite his size and a great night hunter.  Traits: Current Clan: BrightClan Age: Approx. 40 Moons (3.33 years) Role: Warrior Gender: Male Personality: Honest, courageous, and stubborn Fears: Being Forgotten Goals: Lifetime Goal– Friendship Short term Goal– To … Continue reading Nightcoat-BrightClan


Leopardtail Appearance: A medium sized tan and brown spotted she-cat with white patches on her legs and muzzle. Bright yellow eyes. Older but a fast learner.  Traits: Current Clan: Clanless Cat Age: Approx. 61 Moons (5.08 years) Role: Warrior Gender: Female Personality: Kind, loyal, jealous. Fears: Losing Loved Ones Goals: Lifetime Goal– Respect Short term Goal– To keep her daughter … Continue reading Leopardtail-BrightClan

Brightstar- BrightClan

Brightstar Appearance: A golden and yellow striped short-fur  tabby . Light green eyes and deceptively strong for her size.  Traits: Current Clan: BrightClan Age: Approx. 49 Moons (4.08 years) Role: Leader Gender: Female Personality: Internal- Kind, Dedicated, Close-minded Brightstar is very willing to help others, she can be stubborn and will stick with the choices she’s made, and thinks … Continue reading Brightstar- BrightClan